The Songs I Love ~ original album 1963
Perry Como
The Songs I Love
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Recorded March 18th, 19th, 25th & 26th, 1963
Album Sessions for "The Songs I Love" LSP-2708 Serial Nos. PHRS-3097/8
Hugo & Luigi
Produced by Hugo and Luigi
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra and ( The Ray Charles Singers )
Recorded in Webster Hall, New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
March 18th, 1963
Carnival       PHA1-3736 Take 8
When I Lost You        PHA1-3737 Take 1
( I Left My Heart ) In San Francisco   PHA1-3738 Take 5
Fly Me to the Moon ( In Other Words )   PHA1-3739 Take 1    
March 19th, 1963
Days of Wine and Roses   PHA1-3743 Take 5 
This is All I Ask   PHA1-3744 Take 5 
I Wanna Be Around   ( 1st Version )  PHA1-3745 Take 5   
March 25th, 1963
The Hawaiian Wedding Song   PHA1-3746 Take 6   
Slightly Out of Tune ( Desafinado )   PHA1-3748 Take 1   
I Wanna Be Around     ( 2nd Version )   PHA1-3749 Take 6   
March 26th, 1963
The Songs I Love   PHA1-3756 Take 4
Fly Me to the Moon ( In Other Words ) ( 2nd Version )   PHA1-3757 Take 5   
My Coloring Book    PHA1-3758 Take 2
What Kind of Fool Am I ?   PHA1-3759 Take 3
The Songs I Love
The Songs I Love ~ original album circa 1963
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Perry's fifth and final album produced by Hugo and Luigi. It's also his final album with Mitchell Ayres as conductor. The Ray Charles Singers are present but not credited. Although he did record two singles following these sessions, it would be almost two years before recording his next RCA Victor album in Nashville, Tennessee, under the guiding hand of Chet Atkins.

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