The Songs I Love ~ original album 1963

Fly Me To The Moon ( In Other Words )

Words and Music by Bart Howard
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
Produced by Hugo & Luigi
Recorded in Webster Hall, New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Final Recording Time 3:20
Recorded March 18, 1963   ~   Matrix No. PHA1-3739 Take 1 ( 1st Version )
Recorded March 26, 1963   ~   Matrix No. PHA1-3757 Take 5 ( 2nd Version )

When Bart Howard wrote this pretty song in 1954, he titled it 'In Other Words'. And that's the way cafe singer Felicia Sanders sang it when she introduced it. But over the years, as more and more people heard the song, they began to ask for it by the first few words of the refrain. ( The phrase 'In other words' is sung after the first two couplets. ) Before long the song was referred to as 'Fly Me to the Moon'. Finally, the publishers bowed to the public and changed the title officially. And almost immediately, pianist Joe Harnell had a million-selling record of the song . . . an instrumental version!

( notes from "The Incomparable Como" Readers Digest UK compilation 1975 )

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