Perry Como with Ted Weems' Orchestra
The Decca Years ~ Chronological
Decca Records

           May 15, 1936 Chicago

You Can't Pull the Wool Over My Eyes

Lazy Weather

Let's Sing Again ~ Elmo Tanner 

Celebratin' ~ Red Ingle

Jelly Bean  ~ Red Ingle

The Martins and the Coys ~ Elmo Tanner

August 6, 1936 Chicago

Until Today

Fooled By the Moon

Bye Bye Baby ~ Parker Gibbs 

The Five Piece Band ~ Parker Gibbs 

Knock, Knock, Who's There?  ~ Red Ingle & Perry Como 

When a Lady Meets a Gentleman ~ Red Ingle

September 27, 1936 Chicago

Picture Me Without You

Rainbow On The River

Darling Not Without You

Trouble Ends Out Where The Blue Begins

Cottage by the Moon ~ Elmo Tanner 

Hey Baby Hey ~ Red Ingle

February 22 & 23, 1938 New York

A Gypsy Told Me 

Sunday In the Park 

Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Goodnight

Three Shiftless Skunks  ~ Vocal Trio

Sissy ~ Elmo Tanner 

Buffoon ~ Elmo Tanner

Nola ~ Elmo Tanner

What Are You Doing? ~ Red Ingle

A Shack In The Back Of The Hills 

In My Little Red Book

Swingin' In the Corn ~ Red Ingle

August 23, 1938 Los Angeles

Simple and Sweet 

Ribbons and Roses

The Cute Little Hat Check Girl ~ Elmo Tanner 

Nola ~ Elmo Tanner 

Juliana ~ Elmo Tanner, Mary Lee & Chorus

Heartaches ~ Elmo Tanner 

March 10 & 11, 1939 New York


Poor Pinocchio's Nose ~ Elmo Tanner 

Gambler's Blues ~ No Vocal 

The Young 'uns of the Martins and the Coys ~ Elmo Tanner

The Ghost of Piccolo Pete ~ Parker Gibbs 

Class Will Tell   ~ March 11, 1939 New York

I Love to Ride on a Choo Choo ~ Elmo Tanner & Chorus

The Chestnut Tree ~ Elmo Tanner

October 4 & 5, 1939 New York

Goody Goodbye

Two Blind Loves 

That Old Gang of Mine 

Back to the Smokey Mountain ~ Elmo Tanner & Marvell Maxwell

Jiminy Cricket ~ Elmo Tanner & Mary Lee 

There'll Be Some Changes Made ~ Mary Lee 

The Merry-Go Roundup ~ Mary Lee 

Monstro the Whale ~ Red Ingle & Marvell Maxwell 

Running Wild ~ No Vocal 

I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now 

On The Island Of Catalina 

Moonlight ~ Elmo Tanner 

January 27 & 28, 1941 New York

May I Never Love Again

It All Comes Back To Me Now

Rose of the Rockies

Salud Dinero Y Amor ~ Elmo Tanner

Piccolo Pete ~ Parker Gibbs & Chorus

Savannah ~ No Vocal 

Oh Mo'nah ~ Country Washburn

Out of the Night ~ Elmo Tanner

The Man from the South ~ Red Ingle

American Patrol ~ No Vocal 

December 9, 1941 Los Angeles


Having a Lonely Time   ~ December 9, 1941 Los Angeles

Ollie Ollie Out's in Free   ~ December 9, 1941 Los Angeles

Deep In The Heart Of Texas  ~ December 9, 1941 Los Angeles

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