Goody GoodbyePerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

Music by Nat Simon and lyrics by James Cavanaugh, 1940
With Ted Weems & His Orchestra
Recorded October 4, 1939 for Decca in New York
Single release: DECCA No. 2794 A
Single Flip Side: "Two Blind Loves"
Album issue: MCA-LP12 "The Young Perry Como" MCL-1805 MONO 1984
Album issue: No Name-LP12 "Ted Weems and Perry Como" LP-TWPC-1300 MONO 1977
Album issue: Fanfare-LP12 "Ted Weems and His Orchestra" LP-31-131 MONO 1979 (BROADCAST)
The Young Perry Como ~ MCA Records 1984  Ted Weems & Perry ComoTed Weems and His Orchestra  1940-41 Broadcasts

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Goody Goodbye

< instrumental opening  > 
Goody goodbye, bye, bye,
I'll see you never . . .
Goody goodbye, bye, bye,
So, you think you're clever . . .
While playing with my heart,
you over-played your part
I must have been dumb, dumb as they come
to believe you from the start . . .

Goody good luck to you
and to the other . . .
I mean the one you kept undercover
Take a goody good look in the goody good book
there's a goody good reason why
its goodbye, bye, bye
Goody goodbye!

< instrumental close  > 

Music by Nat Simon  
and lyrics by James Cavanaugh, 1940

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