Picture Me Without You

~ sung by Shirley Temple in the film "Dimples" Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!
Music by Jimmy McHugh with lyrics by Ted Koehler, 1936
With Ted Weems & His Orchestra
and whistling by Elmo Tanner
Recorded September 27, 1936 for Decca in Chicago
Single release: DECCA No. 958
Single Flip Side: "Cottage By the Moon'" ( Elmo  Tanner )
Album issue: MCA-LP12 "The Young Perry Como" MCL-1805 MONO 1984
Album issue: No Name-LP12 "Ted Weems and Perry Como" LP-TWPC-1300 MONO 1977
Album issue: Deja Vu - Italy-LP12 "Perry Como Collection" DVLP 2109 1987
The Young Perry Como ~ MCA Records 1984Ted Weems & Perry ComoThe Perry Como Collection ~ 20 Golden Greats

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Picture Me Without You

Just picture me without you
And you without me
Just close your eyes and you'll see
How lonesome we'd be

Skies would fall
Stars would all tumble
Life would be out of tune
Dreams would soon crumble

There'd be no me without you
No you without me
And yet nobody could be
As happy as we

Smiling through
Always to-gether
I can't picture me without you
~ sung by Shirley Temple in the film "Dimples"
Music by Jimmy McHugh with lyrics by Ted Koehler, 1936

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