Ad de DayPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

Words and Music Herman Hupfeld
With Ted Weems & His Orchestra
Recorded March 10, 1939 for Decca New York
Recording Time 3:19
Single release: DECCA No. 2365
Single Flip Side: "Class Will Tell"
Album issue: No Name-LP12 "Ted Weems and Perry Como" LP-TWPC-1300 MONO 1977

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Ad de Day

< instrumental opening > 
When those ships come quietly,
to anchor in that old Havana Bay . . .
forms of Cuban money divers
swim around the sides
as though at play!
It's there beginning of another business day . . .
In broken English this is what they sing and play,
Ad day, hey, ad de day . . .
Have you got a little coin to throw away?
Throw those those pennies, throw those nickels many times
We would love a silver dollar . . .
If you haven't got a silver dollar
How about dimes?
Ad day, hey, ad de day . . .
Oh we love our work no matter what the pay . . .

Always happy, always smilin', always gay!
You'll find your ears a ringin'
with a song we're always singin'
when you go away . . . when you go away!

< instrumental close > 
Words and Music Herman Hupfeld  

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