I Believe - 1956 LP Compilation Album
RCA VICTOR LPM-1172 ( F2PP-7396 / 7397 )
LPE-1172 STEREO ( M2PY-4739 / 4740 )
1955 / 1956 / 1961

        Side One

I Believe
Words and Music by Ervin Drake, 
Irvin Graham, Jimmy Shirl and Al Stillman
Onward Christian Soldiers
Music by Arthur S. Sullivan and lyrics by Sabine Baring-Gould
Adaptation by Norman Layden
Goodnight Sweet Jesus
Words and Music by Reverend James Curry
Act of Contrition
Traditional ~ Musical setting by Joseph J. Leahy
Ave Maria ( Schubert )
Original Music by Franz Schubert
The Rosary
Words and Music by Robert Cameron Rogers 
and Ethelbert Nevin

        Side Two

Eli, Eli
Traditional Jewish hymn in Hebrew
Adapted by George Sandler ( unverified )
Kol Nidrei
Traditional Jewish hymn in Hebrew
Nearer My God To Thee
Words and Music by Sarah F. Adams 
and Lowell Mason
Abide With Me
Music by William Henry Monk 
with lyrics by Henry Francis Lyte, 1861
The Lord's Prayer
Text from the Bible, 
set by Albert Hay Malotte ( 1895-1964 )
Bless This House
Words and Music by Helen Taylor 
and May H. Morgan ( a.k.a. Brahe ), 1927
  from the 1952 RCA Victor 45 RPM Extended Play album "Favorite Songs of Worship" EPA-293
  from the 1953 RCA Victor 45 RPM Extended Play album "Songs of Faith" EPA-410
By 1956 the 10" LP was being replaced by the new 12" LP format having twelve tracks in place of eight. This album compilation is a direct expansion of Perry's 1953 LP "I Believe" with the addition of four hymns taken from earlier releases.  Perry's first recordings of "Ave Maria" and "The Lord's Prayer" were recorded in the Church of Incarnation, New York City, on September 30, 1949, with Choir and Organ directed by Mitchell Ayres. These two hymns, also produced by Charles Grean, are among the first recordings involving Ray Charles who would become Perry's Choral Director for almost forty years following this time. Ray Charles first began working with Perry in December, 1948, with the RCA Victor recordings of "Blue Room" and "With a Song in My Heart".

The compact disc released by BMG Special Products in 1999 titled "I Believe" is erroneously thought to be the 1953 compilation. It contains only two hymns from this album plus an alternate take version of "I Believe" conducted by Mitchell Ayres.  All tracks within these compilations were recorded and released only in monaural. Electronically reprocessed stereo versions are of dubious quality.

LPM-1172 MONAURAL ~ 1956
Perry Como ~ I Believe 10" LPM-3188  1953Perry Como ~ I Believe  LPM-1172 1956

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