Onward, Christian Soldiers

Music by Arthur S. Sullivan with lyrics by Sabine Baring-Gould, 1871
Adaptation by Norman Layden
Roncom Music Company
With Orchestra and Chorus under the direction of
Hugo Winterhalter
Recorded at Manhattan Center, New York City
Produced by Charles Grean
Final Recording Time 3:25
Recorded September 24, 1953  ~  Matrix No. E3VB-1985 Take 1
RCA-45RPM 47-5571 ( 1953 )
Single Flip Side: "I Believe"
RCA Gold Standard Series  78/45-RPM-420/447-0113-B
Single Flip Side: "I Believe"
Original Album issue: RCA-LP10 "I Believe & Songs of All Faiths" LPM-3188 MONO 1953
Album reissue: RCA-LP12 "I Believe" LPM-1172 MONO 1956
Album issue: RCA-45RPM EP  "I Believe" EPB-1172 MONO 1956
Album issue: RCA-45RPM EP  "I Believe" EPA-5123 MONO 1960
Album reissue: RCA-LP12 "I Believe" LPE-1172 ELECTRONIC STEREO 1961
Album re- issue: Pure Gold-LP12 "I Believe" ANL1- 1137 (e) ELECTRONIC STEREO 1975
I Believe ~ Original 10" LP 1953I Believe ~ original 12" LP 1956I Believe - 45 Extended Play version 8 tracks
I Believe - 1960 EP CompilationPerry Como ~ I Believe  LPE-1172  circa 1965I Believe ~ ANL1 1137 (e) circa 1975

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