Eddie SnyderPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!
A Hatchet, A Hammer, A Bucket of Nails
Words and Music by Sarah Graham, Richard Ahlert and Eddie Snyder
Roncom Music Company
Beady Eyed Buzzard
Words and Music by Eddie Snyder and Richard Ahlert
Roncom Music Company
( The ) Girl With The Golden Braids
Music by Eddie Snyder 
with lyrics by Stanley J. Kahan, 1957
Roncom Music Company
My Days of Loving You
Music by Eddie Snyder  
with lyrics by Richard Ahlert
Roncom Music Co., 1971 ASCAP
One More Mountain
Words and Music by Paul Vance and Eddie Snyder
Roncom Music Company & Music Sales Corp.
Somebody Makes It So
Words and Music by Paul Vance and Eddie Snyder
What Love Is Made Of
Words and Music by Paul Vance, Jack Segal and Eddie Snyder

Edward Abraham Snyder (February 22, 1919 – March 10, 2011) was an American composer and songwriter.

Snyder was born in New York City on February 22, 1919. He studied piano at the Juilliard School before taking a job as a songwriter at the Brill Building. A piano student, Eddie Snyder first worked as a classic “piano man” in bars, clubs, and hotels. Though he never studied voice, he says he was able to “get away” with singing enough to keep the gigs coming. After Juilliard, Snyder left New York with his family for Florida, where he took his repertoire into the Miami scene. In 1945 he met the future Mrs. Snyder—a singer also on the nightlife circuit. The couple wed in 1947. In the early 1950s, Snyder was able to find work in the music publishing business, and began his long, prolific career. He has written hits for Al Martino, Johnny Mathis, Perry Como, and Brenda Lee. His hit “Spanish Eyes” was re-recorded by Willie Nelson. Other highlights include “100 Pounds of Clay,” “Remember When,” “Talk to Me,” “10 Lonely Guys,” and “Bitter With the Sweet.”

Other compositions by Eddie Snyder:
Love Theme From "Romeo & Juliet" ( A Time For Us )
Making Memories
Spanish Eyes
Strangers in the Night
What Will My Mary Say
Games That Lovers Play

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