Perry Como In Italy - 1966

Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!
Produced by Andy Wiswell
With The Allesandro Allessandroni Singers
under the direction of Ray Charles
Arranged and Conducted by Nick Perito
Recorded at RCA Italiana Studios, Rome Italy
Recording Engineer: Pino Mastroianni
 Recorded in Italy May 9th to 19th,1966



Complete album session dates:
May 9th, 1966  ( Monday )

Forget Domani    TPA6-4201 Take 9
Santa Lucia    TPA6-4202 Take 5
May 11th, 1966 ( Wednesday )

Santa Lucia    TPA6-4202 Take 13
Un Giorno Dopo l'Altro ( One Day Is Like Another )    TPA6-4203 Take 1 +
Love Theme from "La Strada" ( Traveling Down a Lonely Road )     TPA6-4204 Take 5
May 13th, 1966  ( Friday )

O Marenariello    TPA6-4205 Take 6
Arrivederci Roma ( Goodbye to Rome )   TPA6-4206 Take 1 +
May 16th, 1966  ( Monday )

Cominciamo ad amarci   TPA6-4207 Take 1 +
Un Giorno Dopo l'Altro ( One Day Is Like Another )   TPA6-4203 Take 9
May 17th, 1966  ( Tuesday )

Anema e core   TPA6-4210 Take 8
Souvenir d'Italie    TPA6-4211 Take 1 +
May 18th, 1966  ( Wednesday )

Arrivederci Roma ( Goodbye to Rome ) TPA6-4206 Take 12
Oh Marie   TPA6-4212 Take 8

May 19th, 1966  ( Thursday )
Cominciamo ad amarci   TPA6-4207 Take 14
Souvenir d'Italie   TPA6-4211 Take 14
Toselli's Serenade ( Dreams and Memories )     TPA6-4214 Take 7
E Lei ( To You )   TPA6-4215 Take 7
Perry Como In Italy ~ original RCA Victor album 1966

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This album was recorded on location in Rome, Italy, with lush orchestrations under the direction of Nick Perito and an Italian chorus under the direction of Ray Charles. Not generally known is the guiding hand of RCA's Steve Sholes who is also credited as having urged Perry to record in Nashville. The recording quality of these sessions is second to none and Perry's vocal performance, if not his Italian, is second to none. The mixing of Italian and English lyrics is charming as is the gentle accent of the chorus.

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