.Perry Como In Italy - 1966
Perry Como In Italy - 1966

Album Review ~ High Fidelity Magazine 1966

In discussions of America's finest popular singers, Perry Como's name is rarely mentioned. But here is a master. Why the lack of recognition ? Partly for the same reason that John Wayne is considered a winning personality rather than an actor. In executing their crafts, both Como and Wayne have mastered a subtle quality of effortlessness. Como's songs seem to roll out of him; Wayne rarely appears to be working at a part. The ironic result is that their consummate is overlooked even as it is enjoyed.

Here, Perry Como has come up with another charming album. It was recorded in Italy, utilizing a large, superb orchestra. The chorus, under Ray Charles, is equally fine. In the few places where there accents show, such as "Arrivederci Roma", it lends charm.

With a few dull exceptions like "Forget Domani" and "Oh Marie", Como's choice of material is tastefully suited to his low-key style. Most songs are sung in both Italian and English. Especially beautiful are "Souvenir d'Italie" and "Un giorno dopo l'altro ( One Day Is Like Another )".

A major asset to the album is the splendid arranging of Nick Perito. He has used mandolins, guitars, and an accordion without producing a hackneyed "Italian" sound. The harmonies are warm and rich but overbearing behind Como's mellow singing.

Whether you're Italian or not, the album is highly recommended. It beats getting your tranquilizer prescription refilled.

Morgan Ames
Perry Como In Italy
Produced by Andy Wiswell
Arranged and Conducted by Nick Perito
The Alessandro Alessandroni Singers Under the Direction of Ray Charles
Recorded in the RCA Italiana Studios, Rome, Italy.
Recording Engineer: Pino Mastroianni


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