When I Fall In LovePerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!
~ featured in the 1957 film "Istanbul"       
Music by Victor Young and lyrics by Edward Heyman, 1952
Arranged by Joe Lipman
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
Recorded at RCA Victor Studio A , 155 E. 24th Street, New York City
Recording Time 2:58
Recorded February 20, 1958   ~   Matrix No. J2PB-1602 Take 7
February 20, 1958 
A&R Joe Reisman
Leader: Mitchell Ayres
Contractor: Henry "Hank" Ross
Sax ~ Harry Terrill
Sax ~ Bernard Kaufman
Sax ~ Stanley Webb 
Sax ~ Abraham Richman
Sax ~ Philip Zolkind 
Violin ~ Sylvan Shulman 
Violin ~ Jack Zayde 
Violin ~ Tosha Samaroff 
Violin ~ Max Hollander 
Violin ~ Felix Orlewitz  
Violin ~ Harry Melnikoff 
Violin ~ Mac Ceppos 
Violin ~ Samuel Rand 
Violin ~ Harry Glickman 
Violin ~ Ralph Silverman 
Violin ~ Fred Buldrini 
Violin ~ Harry Hoffman 
Viola ~ Isadore Zir 
Viola ~ Howard Kay 
Viola ~ Leon Frengut 
Cello ~ Maurice Brown 
Cello ~ Lucien Schmit 
Cello ~ Harvey Shapiro
Trumpet ~ Malven Soloman 
Piano ~ Henry Rowland
Guitar ~ Anthony Mottola
Guitar ~ Danny Perri 
Drums ~ Don Lamond 
Drums ~ Philip Kraus
Bass ~ Robert Haggart
Harp ~ Gloria Agostini

Saturday Night With Mr. C. - LSP-1971 

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With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
Arranged by Joe Lipman
Produced by Joe Reisman
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Recorded February 12 ~ 20 & March 5 ~ 12, 1958
Notes: ~ originally from the 1952 Hollywood musical "One Minute to Zero" but the album credits
this song to the 1957 film "Istanbul" which starred Errol Flynn, Cornell Borchers, John Bentley,
Torin Thatcher and Nat King Cole who sings this song. It was no doubt Nat King Cole's performance
in this movie, and on record, which inspired the selection of "When I Fall in Love" for the
"Saturday Night With Mr. C." album in 1958. Mr. Como's recording would have been among
the first in full stereophonic sound. Doris Day and Jeri Southern also recorded the song and it
was revived by The Lettermen in 1962. In 1992 Canada's Celine Dion and Clive Griffin performed
this song for the soundtrack of "Sleepless In Seattle" and as a hit single following. By the 1990's,
however, the original concept of a "hit single" had lost all meaning and there was no longer
a simple definition of exactly what this meant.

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