Saturday Night With Mr. C. ~ LSP-1971

RCA VICTOR LOP/LSO-1004changed later to LPM/LSP-1971( J2PY-3426/27 )
MAY / JULY 1958
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
& The Ray Charles Singers
Produced by Joe Reisman
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Arrangements by Joe Lipman and Jack Andrews
Recorded February 12 ~ 20 & March 5 ~ 12, 1958
Side One
Opening Theme: Dream Along With Me Time :40
Words and Music by Carl Sigman
Accentuate the Positive Time 2:53
Music by Harold Arlen with lyrics by Johnny Mercer , 1944
It Could Happen To You Time 2:47
~ from the 1944 Paramount film "And the Angels Sing"
Music by Jimmy Van Heusen with lyrics by Johnny Burke , 1944
Love Letters Time 2:00
~ from the 1945 Paramount film "Love Letters"
Music by Victor Young and lyrics by Edward Heyman, 1945
Letters ( medley ): Time 9:42
Letters Theme: We Get Letters & Dear Perry Time :28
Words and Music by Ray Charles
Almost Like Being In Love
~ from the musical production "Brigadoon" 1947, 1954
Music by Frederick Loewe and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
Little Man You've Had A Busy Day
Music by Mabel Wayne and lyrics by Maurice Sigler and Al Hoffman 1934
( The ) Gypsy In My Soul
~ from the University of Pennsylvania Mask & Wig revue "Fifty-Fifty"
Music by Clay Boland and lyrics by Moe Jaffe, 1938
( The ) Whiffenpoof Song
~ featured in the 1944 Air Force film "Winged Victory"
Music by Tod B. Galloway and lyrics by Meade Minnigerode with George S. Pomeroy, 1909, 1936
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Time 2:20
~ from the 1930 revue "Rhythm-Mania"
Music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by Ted Koehler, 1930
Red Sails in the Sunset Time 3:05
~ featured in the Stage musical "Provincetown Follies"
Music by Hugh Williams ( Will Grosz ) and lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy, 1935
Side Two
Birth of the Blues Time 3:22
Music by Ray Henderson with lyrics by B.G. DeSylva and Lew Brown , 1926
When I Fall in Love Time 2:58
~ featured in the 1957 film "Istanbul"       
Music by Victor Young and lyrics by Edward Heyman, 1952
Come Rain or Come Shinethis track was dropped from stereo versions of the LP due to space limitations Time 3:18
from the Stage musical "St. Louis Woman"
Music by Harold Arlen with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, 1946

Letters ( medley ): Time 10:21

Letters Theme: Dear Perry Time :14
Words and Music by Ray Charles
You Made Me Love You  ( I Didn't Want to Do It )
~ featured in the 1955 Hollywood musical "Love Me or Leave Me"
Music by James V. Monaco and lyrics by Joseph McCarthy , 1913
I May Be Wrong  ( But I Think You're Wonderful )
~ from the musical comedy "John Murray Anderson's Almanac"
Music by Harry Sullivan and lyrics by Harry Ruskin, 1929
Like Someone In Love
~ from the Hollywood musical "Belle of the Yukon"
Music by Jimmy Van Heusen with lyrics by Johnny Burke , 1944
Vaya Con Dios ( May God Be With You )
Words and Music by Larry Russell, Buddy Pepper and Inez James, 1953
It Had To Be You Time 2:34
~ from the 1944 Hollywood musical "Show Business"
Music by Isham Jones and lyrics by Gus Kahn, 1924, 1944
Twilight on the Trail Time 3:34
~ from the 1936 Paramount film "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine"
Music by Louis Alter and lyrics by Sidney D. Mitchell, 1936
Closing Theme: You Are Never Far Away Time :40
Music by Robert Allen and lyrics by Allan Roberts
Unreleased recording from this session:
Begin the Beguine
~ from the 1935 Stage musical "Jubilee"
Words and Music by Cole Porter
Saturday Night With Mr. C. - LSP-1971
Album produced by Joe Reisman
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra and The Ray Charles Singers.
Arrangements by Joe Lipman and Jack Andrews
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Total Recorded Time Approximately 49:00 ( including "Come Rain or Come Shine" )
Perry’s first full stereo recordings were made between February 12th and March 12th, 1958
Recorded at RCA Victor's Studio A, 155 East 24th Street, New York City
changed later to LPM/LSP-1971The original RCA Victor release of this set was LOP/LSO-1004 which was later
changed to LPM/LSP-1971.
this track was dropped from stereo versions of the LP due to space limitationsAll stereo pressings of "Saturday Night With Mr. C." excluded the track
"Come Rain or Come Shine" despite having the title clearly printed on the jacket.
It is assumed that this 'cut' had something to do with space limitations within the
new stereo format LP recording. This song was re-released in 1967 within the
RCA Camden compilation "Hello, Young Lovers," CAS-2122 (e), but the stereo
version was electronically reprocessed from monaural.
A special abridged tape edition of "Saturday Night With Mr. C." may actually have been released prior to the vinyl album
in early 1958. The tape is either an edited/abridged version of the intended release, from which a number of tracks are missing,
or the full release may have been expanded following. The tape version does include a stereo version of
"Come Rain or Come Shine" which was later deleted from stereo versions of the vinyl release apparently due to space
limitations. The tape is described as being 7˝ inches per second and requiring "In-Line" Heads on the tape reproducing
equipment ( later described as half-track ). The tape's description as being "Stereo-Orthophonic" instead of "Living Stereo"
is further evidence that this tape pre-dates the vinyl release.  Tape recording time is approximately 25:23.
The Perry Como Kraft Music Hall
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