I Think of You - 1971
I Think of You
When Iím alone at night,
And thereís no one to comfort me,
I think of you . . .
And suddenly my pillow is your face and your arms.
And when the winter wind comes chasiní after me,
I think of you . . .
And itís as though I crawl beneath the blanket 
soft and warm.
How did I get from dark to daylight,
Before you happened to pass by?
How did I find my way through life,
Before you brightened up my sky?
Was there a sky at all,
Until you painted it for me?
How did I get on,
ĎTill you came along?
Who knows how many times I pause in every day,
To think of you?
As often as the sun sails out upon the silent sea!
And if youíre wonderiní why it is I only think of you,
Well itís because Iíd like to be as close to you,
As youíve become to me!
I think of you . . .
I think of you . . .
Music by Francis Albert Lai 
with lyrics by Rod McKuen
Editions Chanson Co., CAPAC
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