I Think of You - 1971

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High Fidelity & Gramophone 1971

Perry Como seems to have a wonderful key to life. While his colleagues grow old and show signs of weariness, Mr. Como projects a kind of contentment that allows us to delight in him still. He's one of those rare people who age in such a way that, for a moment, it becomes difficult to take the other guys seriously. Here is a man, we think, who has encompassed life, taken wisdom from it, and given joy. Such is Mr. Como's aura.
Last year Mr. Como made his first nightclub appearance in twenty-seven years ( at the International in Las Vegas ). He followed up with the surprise hit record of the year, a pretty song called "It's Impossible". Mr. Como could have easily rested there, knowing he'd done it.
This album shows that, instead of resting, he grew. He's taken on some difficult songs here ( all sensitive and fitting to his style, as usual ) such as "Where Do I Begin" and "For All We Know" ( the new one, not the standard ), and "Yesterday I Heard the Rain". Mr. Como's intonation and phrasing are warm and burnished. It all sounds as effortless as ever. Paul Simon's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" takes on new maturity and comfort in Mr. Como's reading.
The album is superbly arranged by Don Costa, who also produced. Costa and Como are a perfect match, each knowing when to lead and follow, and how best to compliment the song.
In all, this is a charming album, and it's warmly recommended.
Morgan Ames
. . . Mr. Como takes a vocal look at songs which have been hits in recent months for other artists . . . In fact, he makes every song his own with an effortless facility possessed by very few artists, and the LP is an undiluted pleasure from beginning to end.

Perry Como - I Think of You

I Think of You ~ 1971
Produced by Don Costa
Arranged and Conducted by Don Costa
with the Ray Charles Singers.
Recorded at RCA's Studio A, New York City, January 1971 (circa)
Recording Engineer: Tony Salvatore
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