Love Makes the World Go 'RoundPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!
Charted Singles
Adult Contemporary 
~ 1962/82
Stop! And Think It Over
Words and Music by Sid Tepper 
and Roy C. Bennett
It's Impossible
Original music and Spanish lyrics by 
Canache Armando Manzanero, 1970
with English lyrics by Sid Wayne
And I Love You So
Words and Music by Don McLean
You Made It That Way  ( Watermelon Summer )
Words and Music by Dwayne Blackwell 
and Rani Blackwell
Seattle ( from the Screen Gems TV production "Here Come the Brides" )
Music by Hugo Montenegro 
with words by Ernie Sheldon and Jack Keller
Dream On Little Dreamer
Words and Music by Jan Crutchfield 
and Fred Burch
I Think of You
Music by Francis Albert Lai 
with lyrics by Rod McKuen
Weave Me the Sunshine
Words and Music by Peter Yarrow
Words and Music by Earl Shuman 
and Maurice "Bugs" Bower, 1961
I Don't Know What He Told You
Original Italian Words and Music by Giulio Rapetti
Elio Cesari and Alberto Testa
English lyrics by Robert I. Allen
( The )  Father of Girls
Words and Music by Ervin M. Drake
I Looked Back
Words and Music by Jimmy Eaton 
and Larry Wagner
Coo Coo Roo Coo Coo Paloma
Music by Sosa Tomas Mendez and lyrics by Patricia P. Valando
English lyrics by Ronnie Carson
Happy Man
Words and Music by 
Robert Lee "Bob" McDill
( I Love You ) Don't You Forget It 
Music by Henry Mancini 
with lyrics by Al Stillman ,1963
Love Don't Care  ( Where It Grows! )
Words and Music by Tupper Saussy
Oowee, Oowee
Words and Music by Sydney Robin, Ramona Marie Witry
Ronald Lawrence & Bonita Ann Andre
Sunshine Wine
Words and Music by Cindy Walker
World of Dreams 
Words and Music by Des O'Connor
Just Out of Reach
Words and Music by Virgil F. Stewart
Temptation  ( 1974 )
Music by Nacio Herb Brown 
with lyrics by Arthur Freed , 1933
My Days of Loving You
Words and Music by Eddie Snyder 
and Richard Ahlert
That's All This Old World Needs
Words and Music by Bob Tubert 
and Demetriss ( Tubert ) Tapp
Words and Music by George Fischoff
Arranged by Byron Olsen
( The )  Grass Keeps Right On Growin'
Words and Music by Gloria Shayne
As My Love For You
Words and Music by George Fischoff
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