( The ) Sweetest Sounds ~  album linksPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

~ from the Stage musical "No Strings"
Words and Music by Richard Rodgers, 1962
Williamson Music Inc ASCAP
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
Produced by Hugo & Luigi
Recorded in Webster Hall, New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Recording Time 2:45
Recorded June 8th, 1962   ~  Matrix No. N5PW-3012 Take 5
By Request ~ original album 1962The Best of Perry Como - Reader's Digest UK 1971
The Sweetest Sounds ~ RCA Camden 1974The Incomparable Como ~ Reader's Digest UK 1975Fly Me to the Moon ~ UK 1974
The Best of Perry Como ~ Reader's Digest U,S. 1975Greatest Hits - 32 Great SongsThe Pickwick Perry Como Collection
Perry Como ~ RCA UK Twin PackBy Request - Japan Album CoverMoon River - 1988 RCA UK Compilation
Perry Como RCA Camden Set Volume 2
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "By Request" LSP-2567 STEREO SEPTEMBER 1962
Album Issue: RCA FTP-1148 "By Request" Quarter Track Tape Stereo 1962
Album issue: Box Set "The Best of Perry Como" RD UK STEREO GBPC-6A 1971
Album issue: Camden-LP12 "The Sweetest Sounds" ACL1-0444 STEREO 1974
Album issue: Pickwick-LP12 "Fly Me to the Moon" CDS-1137 STEREO 1974
Album issue: Box Set "The Incomparable Como" READER’S DIGEST UK STEREO GINC-6A 1975
Album issue: Box Set "The Best of Perry Como" RD US STEREO RDA-167-A 1975
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "32 Greatest Hits" RCA GERMANY CIRCA 1975
Album issue: Pickwick-LP12 "The Perry Como Collection" PDA-011 STEREO 1979
Album issue: Twin Pack "Perry Como" RCA UK MONO NL 43047- 2 1979
Album issue: RCA-JAPAN-LP12 "By Request" RCA-5107 STEREO U/K
Album issue: RCA-UK-LP12 "Moon River" ECC Picture Disc WR 30102
Album issue: Camden-LP12 "Perry Como Box Set Vol. 2" CDS-1091 / CDS-1101 / CDS-1137 Circa 1980s
Released in the RCA UK album "The Best Of British"The UK release of "By Request" substitutes "The Sweetest Sounds" with "St. Louis Blues" Side 1 track 3 without explanation.
    "St. Louis Blues" is from the 1959 album "Como Swings"

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