For the Young at Heart - 1961

Perry Como
For The Young At Heart

Along with millions of people all over the world, we’re Perry Como fans. We’ve always enjoyed what has been described as his "easy-going" style. Working on this album, our first with Mr. C., we found out a lot more about his style. A better word to describe his approach to a song is "natural" . . . for Como’s handling of a piece of material is just that.

In this album, For the Young at Heart, we’ve chose twelve "young" titles. It is interesting the various ways composer and lyricists have taken the "youth" theme and have come up with so many variations. From the oldie, When You and I Were Young, Maggie, to the recent Like Young, each has something to say. And Mr. C. is just the person to make these songs live.

The whole package is tied together with a beat . . . which means a little dancin’ . . . a little swingin’. When Perry Como swings, he does it from way down inside, then when it hits the microphone, it’s mellowed and restrained. Funny thing . . . you don’t realize he’s swinging until you start swinging. By then you know it’s the real thing.

This album is for the young in heart, so enjoy it.

Hugo & Luigi

IMPORTANT NOTICE — This is a TRUE STEREOPHONIC RECORD specifically designed to be played only on phonographs equipped for stereophonic reproduction.

Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

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