For the secret of how to have fun while you work, watch Perry Como on his thrice-weekly musical fests. That affable gentleman of song disproves the old adage that business and pleasure don't mix. When he's doing a solo or teaming up with the Fontane Sisters, as he is in the above picture for a slick rendition of "It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas," Perry always brings in an air of informal, infectious fun to his television productions. His friendly easy-going manner sets the keynote for serving up songs and melodies in one of the most pleasant quarter hours on TV.  Despite the fact that he is the most popular vocalist on the tele-waves today, less than ten years ago, Perry was almost ready to give up his singing career. He had been barnstorming around the country with the Ted Weems orchestra and when Weems broke it up top go into the Army, Perry was ready to return to his home town and settle down with his family. But he was offered a radio job in New York and accepted it when he was assured that he would not have to travel and could bring his family with him. He immediately began to attract attention, and he was signed for the well remembered Supper Club Show. Perry is still in New York, singing and settled in a lovely Long Island home with his wife and three children. Perhaps these things more than anything else account for his "casual and relaxed" style of singing that endears him to millions of fans.
The Christmas Symphony
( Oooo, Oooo! )
The candle glow, the mistletoe, and the falling snow 
bring to me, the Christmas symphony!
The balsam tree, the gifts I see, and the silent night
bring to me, the Christmas symphony!
The voices of Mother speaking, to little girls and boys, 
"Dear, if you're not sleeping, Santa can't bring you any toys!"
The Christmas prayer that fills the air, here and everywhere 
brings to me, the Christmas symphony!
Voices of Mother speaking . . .
to little girls and boys
"Dear, if you're not sleeping . . .
Santa can't bring you any toys!"
The Christmas prayer that fills the air, here and everywhere 
brings to me, the Christmas symphony!
Words and Music by Phil Perry, Joe Candullo  
and Charles Faso Reade
Walt Disney Music Company, 1950
Original RCA Recording| Promotional Release |
With Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by Mitchell Ayres
Recorded in Manhattan Center, New York City
Recorded August 15, 1950

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