we get letters vol. 2

perry como

with Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra

We, too, at RCA headquarters in London, get letters asking us to bring out more Perry Como recordings as quickly as we can. We can't answer all the letters personally so please take this, a second superb LP of Perry Como requests, as a combined answer to all Como fans. This is another cross-section of the relaxed, light and easy singing that Perry Como does so superbly , and the songs that are most requested on his weekly TV show.

                                         RCA Records, London, 1958

This is an RCA Victor "New Orthophonic" High Fidelity Recording
It is distinguished by these characteristics: 1. Complete frequency range.
2. Ideal dynamic range plus clarity and brilliance. 3. Constant fidelity from
outside to inside of record. 4. Improved quiet surfaces.
A blunted or chipped needle can permanently damage your most valuable
records. A worn needle will impair the quality of sound reproduction you
hear. Make sure your needle is in good condition before you play this
record. If in doubt, have it checked by your dealer or buy a new needle.

We Get Letters Vol 2

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