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Recorded June 5th, 7th, 12th & 19th, 1968

Album Sessions for "Look to Your Heart" LSP-4052 WPRS 5606/07
Produced by Andy Wiswell
Arranged and Conducted by Nick Perito with The Ray Charles Singers
Recorded in  Webster Hall, New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson

          June 5th, 1968

Together Forever    WPA1-3993 Take 7   ( NOT INCLUDED )
When You're In Love    WPA1-3994 Take 7
You're Nearer    WPA1-3995 Take 3

June 7th, 1968

In These Crazy Times    WPA1-3996 Take 6
How to Handle a Woman     WPA1-3997 Take 5
Turnaround    WPA1-3998 Take 15   ( NOT INCLUDED )

June 12th, 1968

Look To Your Heart    WPA1-3999 Take 2
Try to Remember    WPA1-4000 Take 7
My Cup Runneth Over    WPA1-5601 Take 7

June 19th, 1968

Somebody Somewhere    WPA1-???? Take 1 +   ( NOT INCLUDED ) 
People    WPA1-???? Take 1 +   ( NOT INCLUDED ) 
Love in a Home    WPA1-5602 Take 2
Sunrise, Sunset    WPA1-5603 Take 8
( The ) Father of Girls    UPA1-6480 Take u/k    ( NOT CONFIRMED )  
Dynagroove records are the product of RCA Victor’s newly developed
System of recording which provides a spectacular improvement in the sound quality.

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This record is actually the third album session and fourth release ( recorded prior but released following "The Perry Como Christmas Album" ) for Perry's new RCA Producer Andy Wiswell and Conductor/Arranger Nick Perito. If there were ever any concern about their influence on Perry's recordings, both this recording and the Christmas Album, released almost simultaneously, removed all doubt. This album also contains the best liner notes ever written about Perry, by Canadian born Gene Lees, and he addresses very ably the quality of Perry's singing. Following in the footsteps of Hugo & Luigi ( for Andy Wiswell ) and Mitchell Ayres ( for Nick Perito ) the quality of these recordings and the high degree of excellence from everyone involved proved second to none. As with his albums of the 1950s, produced by the likes of Joe Reisman and Charles Grean, Perry has a habit of surrounding himself with competent professionals. Two other participants within these recordings, Choral Director Ray Charles and Recording Engineer Bob Simpson, have spanned virtually every New York recording session which Perry has ever done.

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