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Perry first recorded "Ave Maria" and "The Lord's Prayer" at the Church of Incarnation, New York City, in September, 1949. His first album sessions, produced by Charles Grean, for other songs of worship and what later were described as "Songs of All Faiths", were recorded at the Academy of Arts & Letters, again in New York City, during the summer of 1950.  In 1956, two of these hymns plus the original 1949 recordings were combined with Perry's 1953 album "I Believe"  to form the RCA Victor 12" LP "I Believe" which remained in tact for thirty more years prior to the introduction of the compact disc. The remainder of the hymns, not included within the 1956 compilation, were later released within the 1969 RCA Camden compilation "The Lord's Prayer" ( including 1959 versions of "Ave Maria" and "The Lord's Prayer" ) and this compilation continues to be available on music cassette.
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Recorded June 26th & 29th, and July 6th, 1950

Recorded at Academy of Arts & Letters, New York City
Conducted by Mitchell Ayres with organ accompaniment
With Mixed Chorus and Women's Choir & the St. Patrick's Cathedral Boys Choir
Produced by Charles Grean
Album covers are simulated.
( The ) Rosary   E0VB - 4933  Take 1 - 1A 

Rock of Ages   E0VB - 4934  Take 1 - 1A 
Mother Dear, O Pray For Me    E0VB - 4935  Take 1 - 1A 
Holy God We Praise Thy Name    E0VB - 4936  Take 1 - 1A 
Prayer of Thanksgiving    E0VB - 4937  Take 1 - 1A 
Bless This House    E0VB - 4938  Take 1 - 1A 
Recorded Previously:   

September 30, 1949

Recorded at Church of Incarnation, New York City
With Choir and Organ directed by Mitchell Ayres
also with Ray Charles
Ave Maria   D9VC - 1953  Take 1 - 1A
The Lord's Prayer   D9VC - 1954  Take 1 - 1A
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