Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

A singer, like a songwriter, must be judged by his staying power.
You can't point to one or two hit records that he made.
You must ask "How good has his average been over the years?"
Perry Como's record (no pun intended) will show that he's been up there
on top for a good many years and I know he will remain there
for a good many more.  Irving Berlin
Mr.& Mrs. Paul Weston on Perry Como:
"I love Perry Como's work.
He's a really through-going singer.
A beautiful instrument!"  Jo Stafford
"Perry is always in tune I mean always
and there aren't too many singers around
of whom you can say that. As Jo says,
he has a beautiful instrument! " Paul Weston
"Very few vocalists can match Perry Como's singing
ability, and those that can are never quite able to
match his great warmth. Perry's singing is one of the
real delights of our business and the widespread
success he enjoys couldn't happen to a nicer fellow!"
Johnny Mercer
"Perry is technically one of the most immaculate singers
in our business. Good intonation, warm delivery.
He always does a beautiful job especially on ballads.
It's good to see him enjoying so much success these days. "
Mel Torme
"As an arranger, I have been fortunate in working with many
of the world's best popular singers Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald,
Nat Cole, Louis Armstrong, and so on. Sad to say, I have not yet had the pleasure
of working with Perry Como but listening to his work has always
been a pleasure in itself."
Gordon Jenkins
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