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IN PROFILE....Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

On May 18,1912. Born to Pietro and Lucia Como. In Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Pierino (Perry) Ronald Como. Seventh son of a seventh son. Favourite nephew of Lady Luck.

First of thirteen siblings to be born an American citizen.

Apprenticed, aged ten, to the barber's trade.

Ambition to be the best barber in town.

Talent singing songs and charming people. Successful in business, but couldn't stop singing.

So people began to notice including Freddy Carlone.

Gave up barbering to join Carlone's band in 1933.

Married the lovely Roselle Belline, childhood sweetheart and lifetime spouse.

Moved up to a job with the Ted Weems band in 1936.

Moved around the country, six years hard travel and one night stands.

Got his name on some record labels, but then the band broke up.

But General Artists Corporation stepped in to save him for posterity.

His own CBS radio show, a recording contract with RCA Victor.

Young Mr C was on his way.

A million records here, a smash performance there.

A flirtation with movies, a love affair with TV.

Once in the big time Mr C was in to stay.

Charming his way into our living rooms.

Cool but friendly, relaxed and relaxing.

Everybody's idea of a really nice guy.

He's never given a bad performance.

How does he do it ? He says its tiredness.

Can't raise the energy to be nervous or uncomfortable.

We should all be so tired.

Como's Golden Records ~ original albumWhen You Come to the End of the Day ~ Album JacketBy Request ~ 1962Look to Your Heart ~ 1968

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