Perry Como In Person - 1970
If I Could Almost
Read Your Mind
~ 1970 version
If I could read their minds 
I kind of think I'd see
a lot of little questions there concerning me
For instance . . .
Has he aged, or did he lose weight? 
I think I read somewhere that he's 38!
He hasn't lost his hair, he could stand a little dye!
He looks relaxed up there but what's he like inside?
How does old Perra-la unwind?
I could almost read their minds!
From my publicity 
I'll bet you'd like to know, 
if I'll stay awake thru the entire show?
You wonder what's beneath that Florida tan 
deep down inside is he  . . . 
a dirty old man?
What does it really take to make him lose his cool? 
Does he go anywhere without that tired stool?
Does he notice girl's behinds? 
I can almost read your minds!
It doesn't take a guy equipped with ESP 
to see what's cookin' with your curiosity!
Is "Mister Nice Guy" just a press agent's pitch?
his dearest friends say he's a . . .
You never thought you'd see me in Las Vegas 'live' 
I haven't played a "club" since 1885!
It's spelled out in dollar signs ( you better believe it! )
I can almost read your minds!
Words and Music by Ray Charles and Nick Perito

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