Original RCA Recording

Dancin' ~ original release
Ho! the band stopped playin'
An' the couples stopped swayin'Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!
But we kept . . . on dancin!
The lights went on 
An' the crowd was gone
But we kept . . . on dancin!
The janitor said, "Please let me sweep the floor!"
So, I hummed a tune an' we danced right . . .
Thru the door!
It started rainin' 
But we both were insane
An' we kept right . . . on dancin'
We looked a sight 
By the traffic light 
But we . . . kept on dancin' 
The signal was red so we just tapped our feet 
When the light turned green 
Well, we danced across the street!
( Couples parked in cars were romancin' )
They were romancin' 
But we kept right in dancin!
( Ba bum ba bum bum' )
Our clothes were drippin' 
An' we couldn't help slippin' 
But we kept right on dancin!
Our feet were sore 
When we reached your door 
But we kept right on dancin!
When I kissed ya goodnight 
My heart started dancin' too 
That's when I knew . . . 
That I would dance my whole life thru 
With only you . . .
With only you . . .
With only you . . . 
My whole life thru
With only you . . . 
Words and Music by Jerry Leiber
and Mike Stoller
Original RCA RecordingVinyl Version| Alternate Lyrics |
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
and The Ray Charles Singers
Recorded at Webster Hall, New York City
Recorded July 1, 1957

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