Original RCA Recording

CaterinaPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

Caa-taa-reena, Oí Ho Ho!
When we kiss, Purdy Miss, Purdy Miss,
Iím in ecstasy! ( Si, Si, Si Si! )
Caterina, Oí Ho, Ho Ho! ( Oí Ho, Ho Ho! )
But when we kiss, Purdy Miss, Purdy Miss,
Are you thinkiní of me? ( Are you thinkiní of me? )
Caa-taa-reena! Ha, Ha, Ha! ( Ha, Ha, Ha! )
Just how long is the list, is the list,
Of the lips you kissed?
Oí How happy my heart would be,
If I knew that you loved just me,
Say itís true, say ya do,
< repeat all verses to end >
Say itís true ( Say itís true! )
Say you do ( Say you do! )
Caa-taa-ree ( Caa-taa-ree, Caa-taa-ree, Caa-taa-ree ) na!
Words and Music by Earl Shuman  
and Maurice "Bugs" Bower, 1961 
Roncom Music Company

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