The Best of British - Perry Como 1977

Best of British 78's ~ 1946 to 1960
Collected by Como fan Harry Smith

Harry Smith was a devoted fan of Perry Como and an ardent activist 
in support of everything and anything having to do with his favourite crooner; 
he founded the very first "Perry Como Fan Club" in Britain and was active 
in many roles throughout the evolution of Perry's popularity from 1943 and onwards. 
This is a complete index of Harry's 78 record collection released in the United Kingdom 
between 1946 and 1960. This list was complied and contributed to the discography 
by Harry's son Bill Hodges-Smith.
January 1946 BD1118 "Iím Confessing" (M) D4VB 470
"Iíll Always Be With You" (M) D5VB 167
February 1946 BD1120 "( Did You Ever Get ) That Feeling in the Moonlight" (M) D5VB 463
"Till the End of Time" (M) D5VB 464
June 1946 BD1130 "Iím Always Chasing Rainbows" (M) D5VB 680
"You Won't Be Satisfied" (M) D5VB 681
November 1946 BD1153 "Temptation" (M) D5VB 166
"Surrender" (M) D6VB 1395
December 1946 BD1154 "Blue Skies" (M) D6VB 1698
"If I'm Lucky" (M) D6VB 2485
January 1947 BD1156 "More Than You Know" (M) D6VB 1344
"A Garden in the Rain" (M) D6VB 1346
February 1947 BD1157 "Kentucky Babe" (M) D6VB 1345
"Girl of My Dreams" (M) D6VB 1368
March 1947 BD1161 "Little Man You've Had a Busy Day" (M) D6VB 1343
"You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby" (M) D6VB 1366
May 1947 BD1165 "If You Were the Only Girl ( In The World )" (M) D6VB 1367
"I Dream Of You ( More Than You Dream I Do )" (M) D4VB 468
June 1947 BD1167 "They Say It's Wonderful" (M) D6VB 1396
"That's The Beginning of the End" (M) D6VB 3074
July 1947 BD1171 "Easter Parade" (M) D7VB 89
"Song of Songs" (M) D7VB 90
Nov 1947 BD1180 "Chi-Baba Chi-Baba ( My Bambino Go To Sleep )" (M) D7VB 0247
"When You Were Sweet Sixteen" (M) D7VB 0248
December 1947 BD1187 "Winter Wonderland" (M) D6VB - 2569
"Jingle Bells" (M) D6VB-2689
January 1948 BD1190 "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" (M) D7VB 0923
"When Tonight Is Just a Memory" (M) D7VB 0924
February 1948 BD1193 "Sonata" (M) D6VB 3075
"What Am I Gonna Do About You ?" (M) D6VB 3382
March 1948 BD1196 "Two Loves Have I" (M) D7VB 1702
"I Never Loved Anyone" (M) D7VB 1703
May 1948 BD1191 "I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling" (M) D7VB-1694
"When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver ( I Will Love You Just The Same )" (M) D7VB-1276
June 1948 BD1202 "Carolina Moon" (M) D7VB 1271
"When Day is Done" (M) D7VB 1279
August 1948 BD1209 "You Can Do No Wrong" (M) D7VB 1754
"Love of My Life" (M) D7VB 1781
September 1948 BD1211 "Laroo Laroo Lilli Bolero" (M) D7VB 2046
"Rambling Rose" (M) D7VB 3031
October 1948 BD1215 "Because" (M) D7VB 2569
"It Only Happens When I Dance With You" (M) D7VB 1782
November 1948 BD1219 "O Come, All Ye Faithful ( Adeste Fidelis ) " (M) D6VB-2679
"O Little Town of Bethlehem" (M) D6VB-2680
December 1948 BD1223 "My Melancholy Baby" (M) D7VB-1982
"When You're Smiling" (M) D7VB-2296
January 1949 BD1233 "Body and Soul" (M) D7VB 1273
"If You Had All the World and It's Gold" (M) D7VB 2568
February 1949 BD1232 "For You" (M) D7VB 2236
"Roses of Picardy" (M) D7VB 1983
April 1949 BD1240 "Blue Room" (M) D8VB 4080
"With a Song In My Heart" (M) D8VB 4081
May 1949 BD1242 "Far Away Places" (M) D8VB-3991
"Better Luck Next Time" (M) D7VB-1755
June 1949 BD1250 "Forever and Ever" (M) D9VB 0103
"A - You're Adorable" (M) D9VB 0218
July 1949 BD1251 "I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore" (M) D9VB 0102
"Marcheta" (M) D7VB 2590
October 1949 B9824 "I Wish I Had a Record ( of the Promises You Made )" (M) D9VB 1810
"Two Little New Little Blue Little Eyes" (M) D9VB 1355
February 1950 B9876 "The Meadows of Heaven" (M) D9VB-1811
"A Dreamer's Holiday" (M) D9VB-2148
June 1950 B9925 "I Wanna Go Home ( With You )" (M) D9VB 2149
"Hoop-Dee-Doo" (M) E0VB 3909
September 1950 B9958 "If You Were My Girl" (M) E0VB 4795
"I Cross My Fingers" (M) E0VB 4796
October 1950 B9961 "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" (M) D9VB 2471
"A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" (M) D9VB 2319
December 1950 B9997 "There Is No Christmas Like a Home Christmas" (M) E0VB 5279
"She's a Lady" (M) E0VB 5577
January 1951 B10010 "Patricia" (M) E0VB 5250
"So Long Sally" (M) E0VB 5542
February 1951 B10020 "Watchin' The Trains Go By" (M) E0VB 5251
"Did Anyone Ever Tell You Mrs. Murphy" (M) D9VB 2473
March 1951 B10042 "Zing Zing - Zoom Zoom" (M) E0VB-6219
"If" (M) E0VB-6217
July 1951 B10093 "More Than You Know" (M) E1VB 13
"Without a Song" (M) E1VB 12
August 1951 B10114 "There's a Big Blue Cloud ( Next to Heaven )" (M) E1VB 2108
"There's No Boat Like a Rowboat" (M) E1VB 2109
November 1951 B10149 "Some Enchanted Evening" (M) D9VB 233
"Bali Ha'i" (M) D9VB 234
November 1951 B10159 "With All My Heart and Soul" (M) E1VB 3229
"Cara Cara Bella Bella" (M) E1VB 2529
January 1952 B10188 "Let's Go to Church ( Next Sunday Morning )" (M) E0VB 3996
"Rollin' Stone" (M)E1VB 3228
April 1952 B10220 "The Best Thing For You" (M) E0VB 5541
"Marrying for Love" (M) E0VB 5610
March 1952 B10221 "You're Just In Love ( I Wonder Why )" (M) E0VB 5679
"It's a Lovely Day Today" (M) E0VB 5676
March 1952 B10232 "Please Mr. Sun" (M) E1VB-4646
"Here's To My Lady" (M) D1VB-3395
May 1952 B10266 "Noodlin' Rag" (M) E2VB 5061
"Play Me a Hurtin' Tune" (M) E2VB 5062
July 1952 B10289 "Watermelon Weather" (M) E2VB 6350
"Maybe" (M) E2VB 6351
August 1952 B10324 "One Little Candle" (M) E2VB 5078
"You'll Never Walk Alone" (M) E2VB 5577
October 1952 B10357 "Sweethearts Holiday" (M) E2VB 6690
"My Love and Devotion" (M) E2VB 6691
November 1952 B10374 "Silent Night" (M) D6VB-2678
"White Christmas" (M) D7VB-1272
November 1952 B10375 "If Wishes Were Kisses" (M) E0VB 6216
"The Ruby and the Pearl" (M) E2VB 6695
January 1953 B10400 "To Know You ( Is To Love You )" (M) E2VB 6610
"Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes" (M) E2VB 7690
March 1953 B10431 "Lies" (M) E2VB 7691
"I Confess" (M) E3VB 0312
April 1953 B10454 "Please Believe Me" (M) D9VB 2472
"Wild Horses" (M) E3VB 0311
June 1953 B10501 "A Bushel and a Peck" (M) E0VB 5576
"My Lady Loves to Dance" (M) E2VB 7280
July 1953 B10511 "My One and Only Heart" (M) E3VB 1014
"Say You're Mine Again" (M) E3VB 1013
October 1953 B10541 "Hello Young Lovers" (M) E1VB-1355
"We Kiss in a Shadow" (M) E1VB-1356
November 1953 B10595 "Why Did You Leave Me?" (M) E2VB 5949
"Pa-paya Mama" (M) E3VB 1690
January 1954 B10624 "You Alone ( Solo Tu )" (M) E3VB 1689
"Suprisin'" (M) E1VB 2528
April 1954 B10667 ( B10710 ) "Idle Gossip" (M) E3VB 1688
"Look Out the Window ( And See How I'm Standing In The Rain )" (M) E3VB 2899
May 1954 B10691 "Give Me Your Hand" (M) D9VB 1356
"Wanted" (M) E3VB 2951
September 1954 B10735 "If You Were Only Mine" (M) E0VB 3997
"Hit and Run Affair" (M) E3VB 2900
November 1954 B10776 "There Never Was a Night So Beautiful"(M) E4VB 2802
"Papa Loves Mambo" (M) E4VB 5169
December 1954 B10796 "Frosty the Snowman" (M) E3VB 1337
"The Twelve Days of Christmas" (M) E3VB-1353
March 1955 B10841 "Ko-Ko-Mo ( I Love You So )" (M) F2PB 0300
"You'll Always Be My Lifetime Sweetheart" (M) F2PB 0301
April 1955 B10853 "Door of Dreams" (M) F2PB 1643
"Nobody" (M) F2PB 0663
October 1955 POP103 "( There's No Place Like ) Home for the Holidays" (M) E4VB 5938
"Tina Marie" (M) F2PB 4903
January 1956 POP162 "The Rose Tattoo" (M) F2PB 4902
"Fooled" (M) F2PB 4901
April 1956 POP191 "Juke Box Baby" (M) G2PB 0867
"The Things I Didn't Do" (M) E4VB 5168
May / June 1956 POP212 "My Funny Valentine" (M) F2PB 1015
"Hot Diggity ( Dog Ziggity Boom )" (M) G2PB 1200
September 1956 POP240 "More" (M) G2PB 4151
"Glendora" (M) G2PB 4152
November 1956 POP271 "Moonlight Love" (M) G2PB 4346
"Chincherinchee" (M) G2PB 4347
November 1956  IP1192 "Moonlight Love" (M) G2PB 4346 (Irish)
"Chincherinchee" (M) G2PB 4347 (Irish)
March 1957 POP304 "Somebody Up There Likes Me" (M) G2PB 4620
"Dream Along With Me ( I'm On My Way to a Star )" (M) G2PB 4619
April 1957 POP328 "Mi Casa, Su Casa ( My House Is Your House )" (M) H2PB 0873
"Round and Round" (M) H2PB 0965
June 1957 RCA1001 "My Little Baby" (M) H2PB 3373
"The Girl With The Golden Braids" (M) H2PB 3372
July 1957 POP369 "Silk Stockings" (M) E4VB 5937
"Childhood is a Meadow" (M) E2VB 5985
September 1957 POP394 "All At Once You Love Her" (M) F2PB 7126
"As Time Goes By" (M) F2PB 1016
October 1957 RCA1016 "Dancin' " (M) H2PB 4936
"Marching Along to the Blues" (M) H2PB 4944
December 1957 RCA1027 "Just Born ( To Be Your Baby )" (M) H2PB 4933
"Ivy Rose" (M) H2PB 4934
February 1958 RCA1036 "Catch a Falling Star" (M) H2PB 7411
"Magic Moments" (M) H2PB 8173
May 1958 RCA1055 "Dance Only With Me" (M) J2PB 1864
"Kewpie Doll" (M) J2PB 1866
May / June 1958 RCA1062 "I May Never Pass This Way Again" (M) J2PB-3141
"Prayer for Peace" (M) J2PB-3142
September 1958 RCA1071 "Beats There a Heart So True" (M) J2PB 4248
"Moon - Talk" (M) J2PB 1865
November 1958 RCA1086 "Love Makes the World Go Round" (M) J2PB 6688
"Mandolins in the Moonlight" (M) J2PB 6689
March 1959 RCA1111 "Kiss Me and Kiss Me and Kiss Me ( Tre Voite Baciami )" (M) K2PB 0803
"Tomboy" (M) K2PB 0802
July 1959 RCA1126 "I Know" (M) K2PB 3563
"You Are In Love" (M) K2PB 3564
December 1959 RCA1156 "A Still Small Voice" (M) J2PB-4921
"No Well On Earth" (M) J2PB-4572
February / April 1960 RCA1170 "Delaware" (M) K2PW 6435
"I Know What God Is" (M) K2PW 6433

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