Perry Como ~ We Get Letters 1957

Sleepy Time Gal

~ title song of the 1942 film "Sleepy Time Gal", 1925
Music by Ange Lorenzo and Richard A. Whiting  
with lyrics by Joseph R. Alden and Raymond B. Egan, 1925 
Leo Feist Inc. / Whiting Music Corp.
With "Como's Little Combo" a section of Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
Recorded at RCA Victor Studio 3, 155 East 24th Street, New York City
A&R Producer: Ed O. Welker 
Recording Engineer: not listed
Final Recording Time 2:15
Recorded February 19, 1957  ~  Matrix No. H2PB 1782 Take 5
Leader: Mitchell Ayres 
Contractor: Henry "Hank" Ross
Sax ~ Abraham Richman 
Trombone ~ Eddie Bert
Piano ~ Henry Rowland 
Guitar ~ Danny Perri
Guitar ~ Anthony "Tony" Mottola 
Drums ~ Robert Haggart 
Bass ~ Terry Snyder 
RCA / Gold-MOR Single release: DTBO-3005-A ( Circa 1970s )
Single Flip Side: "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now"
. . . a cross-section of the requests that Perry Como sings on his weekly TV show. The style is relaxed, the backgrounds
( by a section of the Mitchell Ayres' orchestra known during the recording sessions as "Como's Little Combo" )
are light and easy, and Perry's singing is, as always, superb.
Notes: ~ Ben Bernie and His Orchestra had a popular recording of "Sleepy Time Gal" on the RCA Victor label
followed by many others. It has always been a favorite sing-along tune.  It was the title of the 1942 film
"Sleepy Time Gal" starring Judy Canova and Tom Brown. Frances Langford sang it in the 1943 motion picture "Never a Dull Moment".

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