Original RCA Recording
One More Vote
( One More Kiss )
Hmm Hmm Hmm
( One more vote! One more vote! Speech! Speech! 
One more vote! One more vote! Speech! Speech! )
Fellow cats, mesh your gears, 
Won't you lend your politic ears?
I've a burnin' message 
Listen, and I will quote: ( Note! )
I'll donate you a ham! ( Spam! )
A platter of fried frim fram! 
And I'll give away a haircut with every vote
( One more vote! )
I'm a hip candidate! ( Great! )
A square deal for every gate! ( Rate! )
No waltzes by brother Strauss, 
A cement mixer with every house ( Putty, putty! ) 
Vote for me, I'm the guy, 
Who can get you some shoe fly pie, 
At the racetrack I can give you the winnin' goat,
( Won't you de note the dope?! ) 
Parlez vous entre nous. That's French!
Little of voutre for two ( That's sent! ) 
You dig me an' I'll dig you, 
So I quote: Vote! ( Run some fun some! ) 
I want one more vote! ( One more vote! One more vote! )
One more vote! ( One more vote! One more vote! )
Stuff McDuff!  ( One more vote! One more vote! )
Lay it on 'till we get enough!
( One more vote! One more vote! )
When we win I'll pitch a ball at the city hall!
( Every hip cat! )
Vote with zeal Miss McNeil! ( Vote with zeal! )
We'll cook up a groovy deal! 
Get that feelin' everybody is eight foot tall!
( Man. you're tall as a wall! )
Hear my jive man alive! ( Drive! )
Get on buzzin' around the hive! ( Jive! )
A one will get you five! 
The squares are ready to take a dive!
On the hop blow your top! 
Bring me home with the rebop de bop! ( Mop! )
Dig each hot rod supped up hip cat that's in the know!
( Joe, you sure on the go! )
Make 'em vote, drag 'em in! ( Win! )
Remember, it ain't a sin! ( Skin! )
Somebody has got to win, so I quote: 
( So, note this quote, we both put on your coat, 
get out an' vote, don't miss the vote, 
you vote jus' one more vote! )
And I quote: ( Ha Ha Ha Han! )
Here me talkin' ( We dig ya! )
Won't ya give me one more vote! 
~ from the 20th Century-Fox film "If I'm Lucky"
Words and Music by Eddie Delange and Joseph Myrow
Original RCA Recording
If I'm Lucky Lobby Card

Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

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