Perry Como's Wednesday Night Music Hall - 1959
I Wanna Go Home
( With You )  ~  alternate 'take' 3
Perry, it's such a beautiful night, 
let's take a ride? ~ Nah!
Well how about a walk thru the park? ~ Nah!
Well, what would you like to do?
I wanna go home, ha with you! ~ Oh!
I wanna go home with you! 
I wanna meet the family, 
I'm sure that they'll approve of me
I wanna go home, with you! ~ you do?
an' nobody else will do!
Kissin' goodnight at your front door 
makes me love you more an' more 
I wanna go home with you! 
Oh! Oh! Perry, here come my two sisters
( Hi Perry!, Hi Perry! )
Hi Jay, Hi ya Marge!
Ah! What are you doing here? ( We're just walking! )
Well, why don't you just walk along now? 
Go get yourself a soda! ( Nah! )
Well, why don't you go to a movie? ( Nah! )
Well, what do you wanna do? ( Nah! )
We wanna go home, with you! ( Ah home with me! )
We wanna go home with you! ( dee, dee dee dum! )
We wanna meet your family,
we know your pa an' ma will agree
We wanna go home
( you don't know my pa an' ma )  with you! ( Ah dah dee! )
an' nobody else will do!
An' when we get your front door 
we're gonna love you more an' more 
We wanna go home . . .
We wanna go home!
Why he's my date! I saw him first! ( wild chatter! )
Ah, just a moment, girls, girls,
there's enough to go around,
please, hold it, hold it . . .  JUST A MOMENT!
( Perry! You stay out of this! )
I'm sorry, I lost my head! 
I guess I'll go home alone, 
I'm gonna go home alone . . .  da da da dee dee!
Words and Music by Jack Joyce and Joe Candullo, 1945
Paxton Music ~ Sis 'N Bro Music Company ~ ASCAP

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Perry with the Fontane Sisters

Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

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