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Galdieri, Michele

Gallop, Sammy

Galloway, Tod B.

Gambardella, Salvatore

Gannon, Kim

Garinei, Pietro

Garisto, Louis A. 

Gary, Alfred

Gaskill, Clarence

Gates, David

Geibel, Adam

Gershwin, George

Gershwin, Ira

Getzov, Ray

Gibbons, Carroll

Gibson, Don

Gilbert, Ray

Gillespie, Haven

Gimbel, Norman

Giovannini, Sandro

Glaser, Tompall

Glazer, Tom

Goetschius, Marjorie

Goetz, E. Ray

Goffin, Gerry

Goland, Nancy

Goodhart, Al

Goodman, Al

Goodrum, Randy

Goodwin, Joe

Gordon, Irving

Gordon, Mack

Gould, Alec

Graham, Irvin

Graham, Sarah

Graves, Pete

Green, Adolph

Green, Alan

Green, Bud

Green, Johnny

Green, Mel

Greenfield, Howard

Grever, Maria

Grey, Clifford

Grosz, Will

Gruber, Franz

Guercio, Lucius del


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