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Cahn, Sammy
Calise, Ugo
Campbell, James
Candullo, Joe
Carballo, Juan Eduardo Ruben
Carey, Joseph Buell
Carling, Foster
Carmichael, Hoagy
Cappeau, Placide
Carr, Leon
Carr, Michael
Carroll, Harry
Carson, Jenny Lou
Carson, Milton
Carson, Ronnie
Carter, Ray
Cartey, Ric
Casadei, Arturo
Cassard, Jules
Cavanaugh, James
Cavanaugh, Jessie
Caymmi, Dorival
Cesari, Elio
Chaplin, Charles 
Chaplin, Saul
Charles, Hugh
Charles, Ray
Clapp, Sunny
Clarke, Marty
Coben, Cy
Coleman, Larry
Coleman, Cy
Columbo, Russ
Comden, Betty
Conn, Chester
Connelly, Reginald
Connor, Tommie
Conway, Jim 
Cook, Robert
Coots, J. Fred
Cormier, Ray
Cory, George
Coslow, Sam
Costello, Bartley
Cottrau, Teodoro
Coward, NoŽl
Creamer, Henry
Creatore, Luigi
Cross, Douglas
Crutchfield, Jan
Cunico, Gino
Curry, Reverend James
Curtis, Manny
Curtis, Sonny

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