Perry Como
Magic Moments
Music by Burt Bacharach
with lyrics by Hal David , 1958
It's Impossible
Music by Canache Armando Manzanero
with lyrics by Sid Wayne
Catch a Falling Star
Words and Music by Lee Pockriss
and Paul Vance
And I Love You So
Words and Music by Don McLean
Can't Help Falling In Love
Words and Music by George Weiss, Hugo Peretti
and Luigi Creatore ( Hugo & Luigi )
I've Got You Under My Skin
~ from the 1936 Hollywood musical "Born to Dance"
Words and Music by Cole Porter
Hot Diggity  ( Dog Ziggity Boom )monaural recording
~ Adapted from Alexis Chabrier's 1st theme of España, Rhapsody for Orchestra
Words and Music by Al Hoffman and Dick Manning, 1956
Words and Music by Joe Farrell
and Jim Conway
Love Makes the World Go 'Round
Words and Music by Ollie Jones
For The Good Times
Words and Music by Kris Kristofferson


Music by Alex Alstone
and lyrics by Tom Glazer
I Know
Words and Music by Carl Stutz
and Edith Lindeman
Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes ( with The Ramblers )monaural recording
Words and Music by Slim Willet, 1952
Kewpie Doll ( with Ray Charles )
Words and Music by Sid Tepper
and Roy C. Bennett
Wantedmonaural recording
Words and Music by Lois Steele
and Jack Fulton , 1954
Unchained Melody real stereo
Words and Music by Alex North 
and Hy Zaret
Mandolins In the Moonlight
Words and Music by George Weiss
and Aaron Schroeder
Idle Gossipmonaural recording
Music by Joseph Meyer
with lyrics by Floyd Huddleston
Words and Music by Irving Gordon 
Papa Loves Mambomonaural recording
Words and Music by Al Hoffman, Dick Manning
and Bix Reichner 1954
Words and Music by Ray Stanley, 1956
Moon Talk
Words and Music by Al Hoffman
and Dick Manning
I Think of You
Music by Francis Albert Lai 
with lyrics by Rod McKuen
I May Never Pass This Way Again
Words and Music by Murray Wizel 
and Irving Melcher
( The ) Wind Beneath My Wings
Words and Music by Larry Henley
and Jeff Silbar, 1983, 1988
SHOULD BE ORIGINAL MONOmonaural recording
CATALOGUE NO. 74321865542
included on Definitive Collection"Unchained Melody" was recorded in 1956 but unreleased 'till 1993 when it was included
within the BMG Box Set "Yesterday & Today ~ A Celebration in Song" as a first release bonus.
It's inclusion here within a so-called "Gold" compilation is unexplained.
 WARNING:   An eclectic compilation of songs released on the RCA Victor UK Records Label in November, 2001.
All of these songs, excepting only one, were released the year previous within a budget RCA Camden UK compilation
titled "The Definitive Perry Como Collection".  It has not yet been verified whether this Victor compilation has been sourced
from original masters and whether all original stereo / binaural recordings have been released in their respective formats or not.
UK and Australian compilations are not generally remastered from first generation sources and many recordings released originally
in real stereo are commonly reproduced in either monaural of electronically reprocessed "fake" stereo.
Some recordings may even be remastered from old records, a fact the label appears reluctant to acknowledge.

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