Perry Como Sings Songs of Faith & Inspiration
BUDDHA RECORDS DTVC 23127 2001Information
Produced by Rob Santos 
Compiled & Sequenced by George Townsend
Buddha Records

         Disc One

Ave Maria ( Schubert )  
~ recorded at the Manhattan Center in October, 1959
With Male Voices of the Robert Shaw Chorale & Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
Original Music by Franz Schubert
The Lord's Prayer  
~ recorded at the Manhattan Center in October, 1959
With Male Voices of the Robert Shaw Chorale & Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
Text from the Bible, set by Albert Hay Malotte ( 1895-1964 )
Mother Dear, O Pray For Me  
~ original single recorded June, 1950, with flip side "Holy God We Praise Thy Name"
Words and Music by I.B. Woodbury, 1850
Holy God We Praise Thy Name 
~ original single recorded June, 1950, with flip side "Mother Dear, O Pray For Me"
Traditional Music
Bless This House  
~ a single release recorded June, 1950, with flip side "The Rosary"
Words and Music by Helen Taylor 
and May H. Morgan ( a.k.a. Brahe ), 1927
The Rosary  
~ a single release recorded July, 1950, with flip side "Bless this House"
Words and Music by Robert Cameron Rogers 
and Ethelbert Nevin
Prayer of Thanksgiving  
~ a single release recorded June, 1950, with flip side "Rock of Ages"
Music and lyrics attributed to Edward Kremser 
translated by Theodore Baker
Rock of Ages 
~ a single release recorded June, 1950, with flip side "Prayer of Thanksgiving"
Music by Thomas Hastings 
with lyrics by Augustus M. Toplady
I Believe 
Words and Music by Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham, 
Jimmy Shirl and Al Stillman
Onward Christian Soldiers  
Music by Arthur S. Sullivan and lyrics by Sabine Baring-Gould
Adaptation by Norman Layden
Goodnight Sweet Jesus  
Words and Music by Reverend James Curry
Act of Contrition 
Traditional ~ Musical setting by Joseph J. Leahy
Nearer My God To Thee  
Words and Music by Sarah F. Adams 
and Lowell Mason
Abide With Me  
Music by William Henry Monk 
with lyrics by Henry Francis Lyte, 1861
One Little Candle 
Music by George Mysels
with Lyrics by Joseph Maloy Roach, 1952
Somebody Up There Likes Me
Music by Bronislau Kaper 
and lyrics by Sammy Cahn
I Know What God Is 
Words and Music by Don Raye, 
Ned Freeman and John G. Bowen
Disc Two
A Still Small Voice
Music by Ben Weisman 
and lyrics by Al Stillman
May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You
Words and Music by Meredith Willson
Scarlet Ribbons
Music by Evelyn Danzig 
with lyrics by Jack Segal , 1949
Only One
Words and Music by Sunny Skylar, Tom Glazer, 
and Andrew Ackers
I May Never Pass This Way Again
Words and Music by Murray Wizel 
and Irving Melcher
Whither Thou Goest
Music and Lyrics Guy Singer, 1954
No Well On Earth
Music by Dave Mann 
with lyrics by Bob Hilliard
All Through the Night
Traditional Old Welsh Air Arranged by Ray Charles
He's Got the Whole World In His Hands
Traditional gospel song adapted by Geoff Love
In The Garden
Words and Music by C. Austin Miles , 1912
Prayer For Peace
Music by Nick Acquaviva 
with English Lyrics by Norman Gimbel
When You Come to the End of the Day
Music by Frank C. Westphal 
with lyrics by Gus Kahn
Vaya Con Dios ( May God Be With You )
Words and Music by Larry Russell, Buddy Pepper 
and Inez James, 1953
Twilight on the Trail
~ from the 1936 Paramount film "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine"
Music by Louis Alter 
with lyrics by Sidney D. Mitchell, 1936
Somebody Cares
Words and Music by Johnny Robba, Frank Reardon 
and Ernest G. Schweikerk
Everybody is Looking for an Answer
Words and Music by Evangeline Seward
Put Your Hand In The Hand
Words and Music by Gene MacLellan, 1971
Love is Spreading Over the World   
Music by Neil Sedaka 
with lyrics by Howard Greenfield
I Want to Give
Music by  J. Eduardo Ruben Carballo and Enrique Raul De Jesus ( J. Marcelo )
English lyrics Gene Nash
Produced by Rob Santos
Compiled & Sequenced by George Townsend
Product Manager: John Hudson
Production Coordinator: Jeremy Holiday 
Mastered by Elliott Federman at SAJE Sound, NYC 
Digital Transfers: Mike Hartry at BMG Studios, NYC 
"Ave Maria" and "The Lord's Prayer" remixed by Dennis Ferrante at BMG Studios, NYC 
Art Direction & Design: Smay Vision 
Special thanks to Mike Omansky, Gary Newman, 
Mike Jason, Alex Miller, Frank Ursoleo and Mandana Eidgah
The recordings of "The Lord's Prayer" and "Ave Maria" have been released here for the first time
in "Living Stereo" since the time of their original recording in 1959 at which time they were released
on a limited edition stereo RCA Victor single. All re-releases following that time were either in monaural
or electronically reprocessed stereo. These recordings were recovered and re-mixed from the original
three-track master tapes specifically at the request of George Townsend who compiled and sequenced
this compilation for Buddha Records in 2001. With appreciation to Rob Santos, Dennis Ferrante and the
RCA Records Label. A significant find.

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