I Believe - 1956 LP Compilation Album

( The )  Rosary

Words and Music by Robert Cameron Rogers and Ethelbert Nevin
With  Women's Choir
Conducted by Mitchell Ayres
with Organ Accompaniment by Charles Marie Courboin
Recorded at The Academy of Arts & Letters, New York City
Produced by Charles Grean
Recording Time 3:02
Recorded July 6th, 1950  ~  Matrix No. E0VB - 4933  Take 1 - 1A
Single release: RCA-78RPM-20-3850-B
RCA-45RPM 47-3850 ( 1950 )
Single Flip Side: "Bless This House"
Discos RCA Victor Argentina: RCA 63-0229
Single Flip Side: "Bless This House"
RCA Gold Standard Series  78/45-RPM-420/447-0104
Single Flip Side: "Bless This House"
I Believe ~ original 12" LP 1956

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After Vatican II the rosary fell into relative disuse. The same is true for Marian devotions as a whole. But in recent years the rosary has made a comeback, and not just among Catholics. Many Protestants now say the rosary, recognizing it as a truly biblical form of prayer after all, the prayers that comprise it come mainly from the Bible.

In Roman Catholic practice, the rosary is a circle of beads with a pendant crucifix. The beads are divided into five sets, called decades, composed of one large and ten smaller beads. While fingering the large beads, the person praying says the Lord's Prayer, or Our Father; on the smaller beads, the person recites Hail Mary, or Ave Maria. In between the decades the "Glory be," a doxology, is recited.

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