I Believe - 1956 LP Compilation Album

Ave Maria ~ 1949 Version

Original Music by Franz Schubert
Public Domain
With Choir and Organ directed by Mitchell Ayres
and Ray Charles
Recorded at The Church of Incarnation, New York City
Produced by Charles Grean
Recording Time 4:40 P.D.
Recorded September 30, 1949  ~  Matrix No. D9VC - 1953  Take 1 - 1A
Single release: RCA-78RPM 12" 28-0436
RCA-45RPM 52-0071-A
Single Flip Side: "The Lord's Prayer"
US Chart Position No. 22
RCA Gold Standard Series  78/45-RPM-420/447-0110 ( F2PW-4296 ) May, 1955
Single Flip Side: "The Lord's Prayer"
Perry Como ~ Songs of FaithI Believe ~ original 12" LP 1956
Album issue: RCA-45RPM-EP "Songs of Faith" EPA-410 MONO 1953
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "I Believe" LPM-1172 MONO 1956
           Album issue: RCA-45RPM-EP GOLD STANDARD "Songs of Faith" EPA-5142 MONO 1959
           Album: RCA-AUSTRALIA EP GOLD STANDARD "Bless this House" RCA-20033 MONO
Ave Maria or Hail Mary, name given by Roman Catholics to a form of address to the Virgin Mary,
included in the Divine Office and in a few antiphons of the Mass. Ave Maria are the first two
words of the prayer that is taken from the salutation (see Luke 1:28) of the angel Gabriel,
traditionally worded: "Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among
women." Appearing in varying forms as early as the 6th century in the Liturgy of St. James
and others, the Ave Maria was finally adopted as a popular devotion in the 11th century.
The present form was fixed by Pope Pius V in 1568 and has been used by the Roman
Catholic laity as widely as the Our Father, or Lord's Prayer.
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