Wanted ~  album linksPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

Words and Music by Lois Steele and Jack Fulton , 1954
Warner Bros. Music Corp. ~ ASCAP
With Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra and Chorus
Produced by Joe Carlton
Recorded in Manhattan Center, New York City
Recording Engineer: unknown
Recording Time 3:07
Recorded December 29, 1953  ~ Matrix No. E3VB 2951 Take 1
Perry Como ~  Wanted  45 RPM Extended Play AlbumComo's Golden Records LPM-3224 ~ 1954Necesito Un Amor - Spainish Release 1955
Perry Como ~ 10 EP Box-Set 1957Perry Como - Mexico EP 1956Como's Golden Records ~ Volume 1 EPA-5012
Como's Golden Records ~ 1958Momentos Mágicos - Perry ComoThis Is Perry Como Volume 1
Como's Golden Records ~ UK Version circa 197020 Golden Hits - AustraliaSylvania Presents Just For You ~ circa 1975
The First Thirty Years ~ Perry Como RCA UK1975The Incomparable Como ~ Reader's Digest UK 1975The Best of Perry Como ~ Reader's Digest U,S. 1975
Perry Como - Catch a Falling Star - FranceMagic Moments - K-Tel GermanyPerry Como - 16 Million Hits
Perry Como's Greatest HitsPerry Como ~ Book of the Month Club Edition, 1984Como's Golden Records ~ Best Buy Series 1985
Legendary Singers ~ Perry ComoThe Perry Como Collection - BMG UK 1988The Best of Perry Como - 14 Track UK Reader's Digest
The Best of Perry Como - 14 Track UK Reader's DigestThe Beautiful Music Company ~ 1991 compilationPerry Como - By Special Request - Heartland Music
Republic of China - Como's Golden Records
Album issue: RCA-45RPM EP "Wanted" EPA-563 MONO 1954
Album issue: RCA-LP10 "Como's Golden Records" LPM-3224 MONO 1954
Album issue: RCA-45RPM-EPB "Como's Golden Records" EPB-3224 MONO 1954
Album issue: RCA-45RPM EP "Necesito Un Amor" SPAIN EP MONO 1955
Album issue: RCA-45RPM EP "Perry Como" MEXICO EP MKE 138 MONO 1956
Album issue: RCA-45RPM EP BOX SET  "Perry Como" SPD-27 MONO 1957
Album issue: RCA-45RPM-EP "Como's Golden Records" EPA-5012 MONO 1958
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "Como's Golden Records" LOP-1007 & LPM-1981 MONO 1958
Album issue: RCA-45RPM EP "Momentos Mágicos" MEXICO EP MKE 598 MONO 1958
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "This is Perry Como Vol. 1" VPS-6026 ELECTRONIC STEREO 1970 
Album issue: RCA-UK-LP12 "Como's Golden Records" INTS-1204 ELECTRONIC STEREO 1970
Album issue: RCA-AUSTRALIA-LP12 "20 Golden Hits" RCA SP 138 STEREO 1974
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "Just For You" DPL1-0513 ELECTRONIC STEREO 1975
Album issue: RCA-UK-LP12 "The First Thirty Years" LFL4-7522 ELECTRONIC STEREO 1975
Album issue: Box Set "The Incomparable Como" RD UK ELECTRONIC STEREO GINC-6A 1975
Album issue: Box Set "The Best of Perry Como" RD US ELECTRONIC STEREO RDA-167-A 1975
Album issue: RCA-FRANCE-LP12 "Catch a Falling Star" STAR SERIES FCL1-7180 ELECTRONIC STEREO 1975
Album issue: K-TEL-LP12 "Magic Moments" K-TEL GERMANY TG-1305 MONO 1977
Album issue: TELDEC-LP12 "16 Million Hits" RCA GERMANY Circa 1979
Album issue: RCA Special Products-LP12 "Greatest Hits" DMM1-0606 MONO 1983
Album issue: Box Set "Perry Como" BOTMC RECORDS 11-7775 MONO 1984
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "Como's Golden Records" AYL1-3802 ELECTRONIC STEREO 1984
Album issue: Box Set "Legendary Singers" TIME-LIFE RECORDS SLGD-04 MONO 1985
Album issue: BMG-UK-LP12 "The Perry Como Collection" Castle MONO 1988
Album issue: Reader's Digest-UK-LP12 "The Best of Perry Como" RDS10719 MONAURAL 1990
Album issue: RCA Special Products-LP12 "Beautiful Music Box Set" DML3-0997 MONO 1991
Album issue: RCA Special Products-LP12 "By Special Request" Heartland HL-1162/63 1991
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "Como's Golden Records" Republic of China ELECTRONIC STEREO

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