Shown at RCA's salute to Perry Como on his 40th anniversary with RCA Records and 50th anniversary in show business are Robert D. Summer, President of RCA Records (left), Como and Thornton F. Bradshaw, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of RCA Corporation. Summer is holding a special non-commercial album containing some of Perry's favorite songs given to guests. The bronze silhouette of Perry's face, presented to the artist, is at Perry's right. The reception was held at the Rainbow Grill of New York's Rockefeller Center. It was announced to the guests that Como and his wife, Roselle, who also attended, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on July 31.
Perry Como
A Special Tribute To Perry Como For His 40th Year with RCA Victor
A Very Limited Edition
"This special album celebrates both Perry Como's 40th anniversary with RCA
Records and his 50th anniversary in show business. Perry has had a
remarkable career spanning every area of entertainment - motion pictures,
concerts, recording, radio and television.

After signing with RCA Records in 1943, Perry extended his talents to the
highly successful 'Chesterfield Supper Club' NBC radio show, nightclub
dates, and a show at New York's famous Paramount Theatre.

But it was in television on the NBC network that Perry was to make his
greatest mark, first with "The Perry Como Show", then with "Perry Como Show
Saturday Nights". Subsequently, there was the enormously popular "Perry
Como Kraft Music Hall" beamed around the world in color.

We at RCA are proud to have brought Perry's performing talents to millions
of Americans over the past 40 years. As we salute Perry, we look forward to
many more years of association with one of America's best-loved performers."

Thornton F. Bradshaw
RCA Corporation

"Perry Como has been recording continually for RCA Records for more years
than any other artist. In his four decades with the company, he has
produced an incredible string of hits including the 12 songs in this tribute
album. In his first 14 years with the label, Perry had nine number one

This collection, covering Perry's 40 years of hit makers, brings a
phenomenal singing career under pleasant scrutiny. It also holds the
promise that the next decade will bring new luster to a golden career in

On behalf of RCA Records, I extend congratulations and appreciation to the
man who has given us our longest running hit."

Robert D. Summer

RCA Records:
40 GOLDEN YEARS ~ Perry Como Limited Edition

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