Perry Como ~ 1980 Back Cover

Perry Como
Album Review

        Side One

Not While I'm Around
~ from "Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"
Words and Music by Stephen Sondheim, 1978
Arranged by Byron Olsen
Words and Music by Barbara Wyrick
Arranged by John Abbott
Words and Music by George Fischoff
Arranged by Byron Olsen
There'll Never Be Another Night Like This
Words and Music by David Reilly and Anthony Bygraves
Arranged by John Abbott
Words and Music by Gerard Kenny 
and Drey Shepperd
Arranged by Byron Olsen

        Side Two

When She Smiles
Words and Music by Jerry Liliedahl
Arranged by Byron Olsen
The Colors of My Life
~ from the Broadway musical "Barnum"
Music by Cy Coleman and lyrics by Michael Stewart , 1980
Arranged by Kenny Ascher
Save Me the Dance
Music by Luciano Angeleri and lyrics by Ervin M. Drake
Arranged by John Abbott
Someone is Waiting
Words and Music by Richard Ahlert and Ettore Stratta
Arranged by John Abbott
You Are My World
Words and Music by Paul Vance and Bobby London
Arranged by Kenny Ascher
Produced by Mike Berniker.
Conducted by Byron Olsen
Recorded at RCA Studios C and D, New York, April 8-17, 1980.
Recording Engineer: Mike Moran.
Mastering Engineer: Jack Adelman
Perry Como ~ 1980

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