Perry Como Sings Merry Christmas Music - 1957 RCA Victor compilation
RCA VICTOR LPM-1243 ( G2PP-4127/28 )
Perry Como
With Russ Case and His Orchestra, Organ, Choir
and The Satisfiers ( 1946 )
With Lloyd Shaffer and His Orchestra
and Mixed Choir ( 1947 )
With Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra, String Ensemble
and Chorus ( 1953 )

The moods of Christmas Season are many and wondrous. They speak of joy and hope, of laughter and love, of warmth and of peace-on-earth, good-will to all men. These moods, and the other emotions of the Christmas holiday, are familiar to all of us, each mood is beautifully expressed through music and each one is touched with a special magic of the Season.

There was magic, remember, in that week before Christmas when the snow fell thickly, leaving the ground a spotless carpet of white. You had stopped at the store, you had bought a couple of gifts, and as you walked home that quiet night, you walked in a veritable wonderland of winter. The air was cold and crisp. The stars shone brightly. There was joy and wonder in your heart. And it was all because of Christmas.

There is magic, too, in the legend of jolly Old Saint Nick. In all homes a bright fire must be kept and food displayed in plain sight on the kitchen table or on a window ledge the night before Christmas. Santa Claus, being the plump man that he is, and with all the work he has to do, will find a moment to stop and eat. He always has; he always will. So be it. Let no man tell you differently. 

The first sleigh ride and the singing of the Carols . . .  Silent Night, surely the most beautiful song ever written . . . Jingle Bells, the most popular. Chestnuts roasting over an open fire . . . Hundreds of cookies baked and put away for safe keeping until the week of Christmas . . . Children laughing as they build the Christmas snow man . . . The pleasure mom and dad derive when they ask to help and are permitted to do so . . . The holly and the mistletoe.

The hiding of the gifts . . . The trying to find them, and sometimes succeeding . . . The silver and gold, red and green of the wrappings . . . The buying of the tree . . . The tree trimming . . . The tinsel, the old ornaments, the new ones, and the star at the top. We know these moods well, for these arte the lighter moods of Christmas. The other moods of the holiday are just as familiar, but they bring with them a closer look at the real meaning of Christmas.

Home for Christmas! Those three words mean more to more people perhaps than any other words in the English language. And why shouldn't they? Home to family and to friends, to warmth and to love, to piece and to quiet. This feeling is so much a part of Christmas.

The better part of Christmas is, of course, the reason for Christmas. At church or at home, to piano accompaniment or to pipe-organ background, it is the familiar and beloved Christmas Carols that express so simply and so eloquently the true meaning of Christmas. No matter how often we sing them during the days of Christmas, the Carols never fail to inspire. Songs of faith for people of faith, they offer the most blessed mood of the Season.

Surely there is something for everyone in these moods and melodies of the Christmas Season. A memory of another Christmas, perhaps . . . The warmth of a fire . . . The smile of friends . . . The white winter's landscape . . . The happy shouts of children on a sleigh ride . . . The holiday dinner and all the good things to eat . . . The Church, the Carols, and the service of worship.

What better artist to present these moods of Christmas time than Perry Como. Above all, the songs he sings in this album are songs of sincerity. And Perry Como has proved time and time again that he is uniquely gifted when it comes to expressing sincerity and understanding. Perhaps this is because Perry Como himself is a sincere, warm-hearted person.

For a Merrier Christmas, then, here is some Merry, Merry Christmas Music . . . beautifully interpreted by a man who has the honesty and the feeling, the ease, the naturalness and the integrity, to present the Spirit of Christmas in the Music of Christmas . . .

Robert Prestegaard
Copyright 1956, Radio Corporation of America

Merry Christmas Music ~ 1956 release

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