The Forty-Fives
Many of these have been reviewed already in the past two or three months by me as 78 r.p.m. discs, but several did not arrive in time, and of these I would briefly recommend the following: A Bushel and a Peck from " Guys and Dolls" by Perry Como and Betty Hutton (H.M.V. 7M138), backed by My Lady Loves to Dance by Perry Como alone; Two Sleepy People by Jane Russell (Cot. SCM5043); a charming Fats Wailer of Honey Hush (which he wrote while in England in 1939) and You've Been Reading My Mail (H.M.V. 7Mi42). There are also the best versions of the theme from " Moulins Rouge" on 45 now; it's a toss up between Ron Goodwin (Parto. MSP6035) and Norrie Paramor (Col. SCM50i). Hear both; they are very satisfying. The Goodwin is backed by the "Limelight" theme, and the Paramor by April in Portugal, and there's nothing to choose there either. Finally, Max Bygraves gives us another of those gorgeous nightmares among the Tin Pan Alley pops, called Red Robin Cantata (H.M.V. 7M134).

Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

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