Dream On Little Dreamer - 1973

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If all the millions of records Perry Como has sold were put on an automatic record player the stack would be about 80 miles high. And it would give the world uninterrupted easy listening for the next 2,000 years. Maybe, in these crazy times, we could use it.

While the doubters are out checking the arithmetic, you can start the long pleasant trip with Perry by playing this album, "Dream On Little Dreamer". With it we enter Mr. C's fourth decade as an RCA Records superstar.

"Dream On Little Dreamer" is a hand-picked collection of tender nostalgia, dished out handsomely in the famous relaxed Como style. In songs like "Stay with Me", "What Kind of Fool Am I ?", "Days of Wine and Roses" and "Try to Remember", Perry takes you back to when life was bittersweet and love was both hard to find and easy to lose.

But there's nothing sad in Perry's gentle trip into the past. His bright warm voice and easy sincerity will never give you a case of the blues. Perry's a positive guy who sings of sentimental things with a smile, not a tear. In his firm hands nostalgia is uplifting. So, dim the lights. Relax. And dream on, little dreamer. Music is the moody food of love.

Jack Somer, 1973

A&R Coordinator: Ethel Gabriel.
With Orchestras conducted by Mitchell Ayres
and Nick Perito
"Dream On Little Dreamer" recorded in Nashville
with Anita Kerr and Chet Atkins.
Vocal accompaniment by the Ray Charles Singers
and the Anita Kerr Quartet
Remastered by Bernard Keville, 1973

        Dream On Little DreamerBy Request ~ original album 1962The Songs I Love ~ original album circa 1963

        Lightly Latin ~ RCA Victor 1966Look to Your Heart ~ 1968Relax with Perry Como - International Camden release

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This 1973 RCA Camden release is a "sampler" for five of Perry's classic RCA Victor albums from 1962 through to 1968. Five of the nine songs represented here are from Perry's Hugo & Luigi collection, his 1962 album "By Request" and it's 1963 follow-up "The Songs I Love". It was following this period that Perry went to Nashville where he recorded his first album with Chet Atkins and The Anita Kerr Quartet in February, 1965. From this first album, aptly titled "The Scene Changes" ( from New York to Nashville ), Perry was back in the charts with the "B" side of his first Nashville single "Dream On Little Dreamer". Perry returned to New York in December of 1965 and began recording an album titled "Lightly Latin" which was released in the Spring of 1966. The song "Stay With Me" was a single release from that album penned by his new conductor Nick Perito and long-time choral director Ray Charles ( The Ray Charles Singers ) and beginning a partnership which would last for more than thirty years.  The last two songs in this collection are from Perry's 1968 album "Look To Your Heart" and one of the five albums which were expertly produced by Andy Wiswell during this period. With Wiswell's background in Broadway music it comes as little surprise that this album would be so expertly executed.

Perry's associations with those who work with him have always been long and enduring. A good number of his albums and singles during the 1950s involved Joe Reisman, he recorded five major albums with Hugo & Luigi, five with Andy Wiswell, a long and successful relationship with Chet Atkins in Nashville, Mitchell Ayres, Ray Charles and Nick Perito, the list goes on and on. The same was true with Perry's composers and, in this vein, it's interesting to note the composers for "In These Crazy Times" included within this collection. Sydney Lippman and Sylvia composed Perry's 1947 hit single "Laroo Laroo Lilli Bolero" and "Play Me a Hurtin' Tune" from 1952. Lippman also co-composed Perry's 1949 Bo. 1 charted single "A-You're Adorable ( The Alphabet Song ) which he recorded with The Fontane Sisters.

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