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Arthur Schwartz: born 25 November 1900, New York City, New York, USA, d. 3 September 1984. Prohibited by his family from learning music, Schwartz began composing while still a teenager at high school. He studied law and continued to write as a hobby but in 1924 he met Lorenz Hart, with whom he immediately began to collaborate on songs. They enjoyed some modest success but not enough to turn Schwartz from his path as a lawyer. In the late '20s he practised law in New York City, continuing to write songs in his spare time with a string of lyricists as collaborators until Hart convinced him that he could make a career in music. He took time off from his practice and was advised to seek a permanent collaborator. He was introduced to Howard Dietz, with whom he established immediate rapport. Among their first joint efforts were some contributions to the music for THE LITTLE SHOW (1929). For this revue, one of the songs Schwartz had written with Hart, I Love To Lie Awake In Bed, was given a new lyric by Dietz. This now became I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan. Later songs for revues included Something To Remember You By and The Moment I Saw You. In 1931, Schwartz and Dietz had a major success with The Band Wagon, which starred Fred Astaire and his sister Adele. The partners’ score included their most important song success, Dancing In The Dark. Other shows of the '30s were less successful but there were always excellent songs: Louisiana Hayride, Alone Together, A Shine On Your Shoes, What A Wonderful World, Love Is A Dancing Thing and You And The Night And The Music. The pair also wrote for radio and interspersed their collaborations with songs written with other partners. Schwartz wrote songs for shows such as VIRGINIA (1937) and STARS IN YOUR EYES (1939). During the '40s and '50s he wrote songs with various collaborators for several film musicals, including NAVY BLUES, THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (They're Either Too Young Or Too Old with Frank Loesser), THE TIME, THE PLACE AND THE GIRL (Gal In Calico, A Rainy Night In Rio with Leo Robin), and EXCUSE MY DUST (1951). He also served as producer on pictures such as Cover Girl, Night And Day, and THE BAND WAGON. Schwartz was reunited with Dietz in 1948 on a revue, INSIDE USA, and in 1953 they wrote a new song, That's Entertainment, for the screen version of The Band Wagon. In 1951, Schwartz collaborated with Dorothy Fields on A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN, from which came Love Is The Reason and I'll Buy You A Star. Schwartz and Fields also wrote BY THE BEAUTIFUL SEA (1954), which included Alone Too Long. Later Broadway shows by Schwartz and Dietz proved unsuccessful and although their songs, such as Something You Never Had Before and Before I Kiss The World Goodbye, were pleasant and lyrically deft, they were not of the high standard they had previously set themselves. In the late '60s Schwartz settled in London, England, for a while where he wrote NICHOLAS NICKLEBY and LOOK WHO'S DANCING (a revised version of A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN with several new songs). He also recorded an album of his own songs, FROM THE PEN OF ARTHUR SCHWARTZ, before returning to live in the USA.

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