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Morris Albert


Morris Albert ( born September 9, 1951 ) is a Brazilian singer and songwriter, famous for his 1975 hit single "Feelings".

Born Maurício Alberto Kaisermann in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, he began his career singing and playing guitar for a number of bands. In 1973, at a time when many Brazilian artists were using anglicized names in attempts to break into the US market, he released his first album, which featured "Feelings", the song that would eventually bring him worldwide success. The international release of "Feelings" sold over 300.000 copies and reached number 45 on the Billboard Magazine list of top 100 singles in 1975. "Feelings" was also recorded and performed by many other artists, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Sarah Vaughan and Johnny Mathis.

In 1988, French songwriter Louis Gaste sued Albert claiming plagiarism of his song "Pour Toi". Gaste won the lawsuit and was awarded 88% of the royalties generated by the song.

Morris Albert now lives in Italy with his family and still performs around the world. 


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