Perry Como - 1974

Perry returned to New York in January, 1974, where he recorded his first country flavoured album, albeit with a gentle pop mix, in the traditional New York City environment. Also back at the helm for engineering is Bob Simpson with whom Perry had recorded the majority of his New York based records from the late fifties. In addition, Nick Perito and The Ray Charles Singers were long time Como regulars. This is Perry's first production with Pete Spargo who would also co-produce Perry's last Christmas single "Christmas Dream" later that same year.

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January 4th, ~ May 1st, 1974

Album sessions for "Perry" RCA Victor CPL1-0585 S/N CPL1-0585-A/B
Produced by Pete Spargo
Arranged and conducted by Nick Perito with the Ray Charles Singers
Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio "C," New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson and Recording Technicians: Joe Lopes and Tom Brown
Recorded in Living Stereo & and QuadraDisc 4-Channel

         January 4th , 1974

The Hands of Time   ( Brian's Song )   DPA1-1101 Take 1 +
Beyond Tomorrow    DPA1-1102 Take 1 +
January 7th , 1974
           I Don't Know What He Told You    DPA1-1103 Take 1 +
Weave Me The Sunshine   DPA1-1108 Take 1 +
Harmony   DPA1-1109 Take 1 +    NOT RELEASED 

April 29th, 1974

Temptation   DPA1-1440 Take 1 +
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life   DPA1-1441 Take 1 +
That's You   DPA1-1442 Take 1 +

May 1st, 1974

The Way We Were   DPA1-1443 Take 1 +
The Most Beautiful Girl   DPA1-1444 Take 1 +
Behind Closed Doors   DPA1-1445 Take 1 +
Perry Como , 1974QuadraDisc albumRCA Japan Release
RCA VICTOR CPL1-0585 / APD1-0585
Produced by Pete Spargo
Arranged and Conducted by Nick Perito with the Ray Charles Singers
Recorded at RCA's Studio "C", New York City circa 1974
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Recording Technicians: Joe Lopes and Tom Brown
Designer: Craig DeCamps
Art Director: Ace Lehman

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