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Lightly Latin - 1966

Perry returned to New York in the fall of 1965 where he made his first recordings with Nick Perito as conductor and arranger and, of course, The Ray Charles Singers. This is the first of a dozen albums which Perry would record with Perito at the helm over the next thirty years.

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          December 29th, 1965 ~ March 1st, 1966 

Album Sessions "Lightly Latin" LSP-3552 Serial Nos. SPRS 6240/41 14S
Produced by Andy Wiswell
Arranged and Conducted by Nick Perito
Choral Director: Ray Charles and the Ray Charles Singers.
Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio A, New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson

December 29, 1965

Happiness Comes, Happiness Goes    SPA1-6222 Take 7   NOT RELEASED 
How Insensitive    SPA1-6223 Take 2
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps     SPA1-6224 Take 10   NOT RELEASED 
Coo Coo Roo Coo Coo Paloma    SPA1-6225 Take 4

December 30, 1965

Baia    SPA1-6226 Take 8
Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars ( Corcovado )      SPA1-6227 Take 8
Little Boat  ( O Barquinho )     SPA1-6228 Take 7   NOT RELEASED 
Pardon My English  ( Samba Torto )     SPA1-6229 Take 1   NOT RELEASED 

February 22, 1966

The Shadow of Your Smile    SPA1-6230 Take 7
Stay With Me    SPA1-6231 Take 1+
Once I Loved    SPA1-6232 Take 3

February 25, 1966

Baia    SPA1-6226 Take 20  NOT RELEASED 
Meditation     SPA1-6233 Take 5
And Roses And Roses    SPA1-6234 Take 19

February 28, 1966

Manhã de Carnaval ( Carnival )    SPA1-6235 Take 17
Yesterday    SPA1-6236 Take 5
Dindi    SPA1-6237 Take 2

March 1, 1966

Stay With Me    SPA1-6231  ( REMAKE )
Once I Loved    SPA1-6232  ( REMAKE )
Lightly Latin - Japan Release 1966 original
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