Song for Belly DancerPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

My youth was spent in the Orient 
where they never taught me to waltz 
You'd be surprised when I exercised 
it was never done to a waltz!
It was "done" like this . . .
but never to a waltz!
In ancient Siam, women like I am 
indoors or on the street . . . 
No woman . . . dances with her feet!
Egyptian, Persian, only one version 
no other stands a chance, 
feet are for walking, 
not for dance!
To an oriental fiddle, 
you can see them shake their middle, 
the feet don't mean a thing
middles are all they swing! 
Even an Egyptian "mummy" 
wiggles her tummy 
wiggles it so an' so 
that is the only dance ! know! 
< instrumental break > 
You don't need an Arthur Murray 
just a fringe that's on the surrey 
will satisfy your needs 
dancing between the beads! 
Everybody shake your torso 
sexy but more-so, 
shake it, come on, let's go . . . 
Let's do the only dance I know!
Words and Music by Irving Berlin
The Best of Irving Berlin's Songs from 'Mr. President'
Performed by Kaye Ballard
with Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra

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