OpeningPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

No . . . not the Roosevelt's, not the Truman's, 
not the Eisenhower's no, this is not that kind of show!
Not the Kennedy's, no not the Kennedy's,
just a family of four, so it couldn't be the Kennedy's 
with the Kennedy's there'd have to be more than four 
just a simple American, not one of the "greats" 
but he happens to be President of these United States!

      It Gets Lonely
      In The White House

It gets lonely in the White House when your cares begin
and the White House is a big place to be lonely in
When you're all alone there starin' into space 
and you wish the man you ran against could be there in your place!
It gets lonely in the White House when you've been attacked
by the loyal opposition getting in the act
If you make the wrong decision, when the final chips are down 
the White House is the loneliest place in town!
It gets lonely in the White House when you're sitting there
and you have to do your thinkin' in a rockin' chair
When some exercise would keep you feelin' well  
but a journey to the golf course and the country's gone to hell!
When the budget isn't balanced and you're in the red
and you feel it would be better to be dead than red
When your speech is optimistic but the stocks keep tumblin' down 
the White House is the loneliest place in town!
Words and Music by Irving Berlin
The Best of Irving Berlin's Songs from 'Mr. President'

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