Dream On Little Dreamer

Words and Music by Jan Crutchfield and Fred Burch
Forest Hills Music, Inc., & Cedarwood Publishing Co. Inc.
Perry Como with The Anita Kerr Quartet
Arranged by Anita Kerr
Produced by Chet Atkins
Recorded in RCA Victor's "Nashville Sound" Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Recording Engineers: Chuck Seitz and William Vandevort
Recording Time 2:18
Recorded February 10, 1965  ~ Matrix No. SPA4-1137  ( NOT FOR USE )
Remake  February 11, 1965  ~ Matrix No. SPA4-1137
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Single release: RCA-45RPM-47-8533
Single Flip Side: "My Own Peculiar Way"
US Chart Position No. 25
Charted Adult Contemporary No. 3
UK Single release: 45RPM-RCA-1450
Single Flip Side: "My Own Peculiar Way"
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "The Scene Changes" LSP-3396 STEREO 1965
Album issue: RCA-STARCALL "Como In Nashville" HY-1009 STEREO 1975
Album issue: TELDEC-LP12 "Best of Perry Como" RCA GERMANY LSP-10075 (e) 1975
"My Own Peculiar Way" with flip side "Dream On Little Dreamer"The Scene Changes ~ Perry Goes to Nashville 1965Como in Nashville ~ Starcall Series 1975
The Best of Perry Como ~ German TeldecDream On Little Dreamer / My Own Peculiar Way ( German )
The Anita Kerr Quartet, one of the finest vocal groups in popular music, plus a Country
harmonica player, join Perry for this Nashville performance of a low-key rhythm tune. Fred Burch,
who wrote the song with Jan Crutchfield, says. 'We made a demo record of it with me singing it,
and it was totally unique. We had it around for two years. It was a labour of love, because while we
knew it was different and loved it, nobody else seemed to. The song became our orphan. Then,
one day, like in the storybooks, we heard Perry Como was coming to Nashville to record.
We took the song to Chet Atkins, and he liked it and recommended that Perry listen to it.
He did, and the rest, as they say, is history.'

( notes from "The Incomparable Como" Readers Digest UK compilation 1975 )

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